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Search results

  1. MirandaZink

    When?? FS Adventures

    Can we please get a real date posted when the FS Adventures start. We're recruiting and we want to be sure the person has time to leave/join. Why can't INNO post a schedule versus every day = a guessing game?
  2. MirandaZink

    Winter Event Outpost

    My understanding is from the last events those offers were random and not every player got the offer. I play 3 cities and haven't seen the offer for doubling bows yet. Maybe INNO didn't make enough $$ from doing it . . . who knows but I sure did like having them. Helped me get my fire phoenix to...
  3. MirandaZink

    Odd Icon

    Just ignore it - it is telling you that you have a weak signal which could mean game play might be slower. It's a nice to know thing :cool:
  4. MirandaZink

    Helping Neighbors Tool

    Please roll this new tool out to everyone! It's a wonderful time saver.
  5. MirandaZink

    Wishing Well problems

    Free is free. I've had wishing wells in my city for the past year or so. I get my 10% of diamonds every time. For the other rewards (coins, supplies etc.) my POV is thank you INNO because it's FREE. Now if you're not an active player and collecting every day then you do risk loosing out because...
  6. MirandaZink

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.93 discussion

    I play in three worlds, 1 got the new feature and I have to say I LOVE IT. Visiting takes so much time using a computer/browser (15+ minutes) that I do all my visits on my iPad (3 minutes tops). This new feature is just like the mobile app and it's brilliant. I do hope they roll it out to...
  7. MirandaZink

    Gripe and Bemoan the Horrors of (BAD) Cross-tier (ALWAYS)

    I don't care about 3 stars when it comes to cross trading --- THEY SUCK and they are absolutely unfair to the person accepting them. However, for newbies posting 100 whatever for 500 whatever I take them because long ago someone helped me out too. The only way to make those people stop is to...
  8. MirandaZink

    Ancient wonders

    As you progress you will never have enough room to build every AW so you need to decide what type of player you are - goods/supplies versus combat. Personally I fight for territory and in the tournaments. So my focus has been anything that gives me troops or improves their health or speed to...
  9. MirandaZink

    So I got moved ...

    There are people around me who I've known now for 2+ years. I sent a note to all of them asking them to turn off "please move me" when that feature got rolled out so we could all stay together even though we're in other FS. So we're still all together. I'm in a great FS but I also love visiting...
  10. MirandaZink

    Manufactoring Challenge

    ???? How is this taking advantage of the system . . . there are quests, you leverage the space you have to complete the quests. Seems pretty linear to me.
  11. MirandaZink

    How much does one KP cost you?

    Why does this need to be a math problem. KPs cost me 950K - I rarely buy KPs unless I'm 1 point away and I become impatient. And the reason it's so high is all the stupid questions to buy KPs. I'm glad Inno is now giving people options because buy 20 KPs is just insane . . .
  12. MirandaZink

    What do you do when support says it is not our department?

    I have three cities - two of them got the offer and 1 didn't. They don't roll the offer everywhere - now what their logic is about who gets it and who doesn't I have no clue. My guess is they are targeting people who never buy things versus who buys all the time and to see at what price point...
  13. MirandaZink

    Help Skipping Squad Size Upgrades

    Agree this can be problematic. It comes down to your strategy especially in tournys - do you cater or fight? My personal preference is to fight. So, I have 4 armories and only focus on upgrading AW that support military - needles, martial mon, flying acad, etc. etc. I can swiftly replace troops...
  14. MirandaZink

    Help Forum / Game - Abbreviations, Slang, Confusing Terms Guide And FAQ

    Or some folks say "bee" for Blooming Trader :)
  15. MirandaZink

    Discussion A community based building!

    I don't think the size matters. Pending on what it does and what it's worth will be my decision if I place it or recycle it for crafting. That God we have that now so I can get rid of the clutter :p
  16. MirandaZink

    Not remembering me

    I wanted to post this first to see if anyone else is having issues where if you close your browser (desktop version not mobile) that you have to log in again where the application isn't remembering you. I'm experiencing this on Flash version and HTML5 in both IE and Chrome. Yes I'm checking...
  17. MirandaZink

    Filter unfair trades in trader

    OMG - so I'm almost at the end of Hafflings so this is what I have to look forward to . . . goodie! Thanks for explaining.
  18. MirandaZink

    Cost of KPs

    Soggy, first off, I am very sorry too. This is a game and sometimes I forget that. But I think there is a glimmer of hope in our opinions because you said those options happened because for some folks they were impossible. I have a friend who is now at 1.5 million coins per KP and she has...
  19. MirandaZink

    Cost of KPs

    Oh and Wanna my arse . . .