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Search results

  1. MirandaZink

    When?? FS Adventures

    Can we please get a real date posted when the FS Adventures start. We're recruiting and we want to be sure the person has time to leave/join. Why can't INNO post a schedule versus every day = a guessing game?
  2. MirandaZink

    Not remembering me

    I wanted to post this first to see if anyone else is having issues where if you close your browser (desktop version not mobile) that you have to log in again where the application isn't remembering you. I'm experiencing this on Flash version and HTML5 in both IE and Chrome. Yes I'm checking...
  3. MirandaZink

    Cost of KPs

    I'm to the point where I am going to choose not to participate in events because of the requirement to buy KPs. I've been playing a few years now and participating in all of the events . . . I don't buy KPs for my own game play however these events have driven up the cost where it's not worth...
  4. MirandaZink

    Not remembering logged in???

    Is anyone else having an issue where you have to keep logging in even though you check the box "remember me"? I don't want to open a ticket because it could be just me and my internet settings.
  5. MirandaZink

    Expansions coming any time soon?

    With all of these events and new races it's getting a bit crowded. Yes, dealing with space limitations has always been the challenge of this game but at what point will our cities be getting an expansion of squares?
  6. MirandaZink

    Help Portal Profit Instants

    If I collect a portal profit instant and then move into the next chapter why doesn't the instant change to the portal items I need?
  7. MirandaZink

    FS Adventures - when does the next one start?

    Does anyone know when the next FS Adventure starts? Also it would be helpful to have a published schedule of this event plus any other events coming because they all require a bit of space.
  8. MirandaZink

    Chat Window /who isn't working

    Did the command lines in the chat window get disabled?
  9. MirandaZink

    Seeking Fun, Active, Happy Players

    Phoenix Rising is in the top 30-35 active Fellowships and we have openings for two members. Our rules are pretty simple: Be kind Be an active player where you can visit at least 4 times a week Fair trades (same tier, at least 2 stars) Participate in tournaments, FS Adventures etc. Be far enough...
  10. MirandaZink

    1 KP contributions - really sad

    I just wanted to post this because frankly I find it pathetic that senior players in this game are trolling around putting in 1 KP into Ancient Wonders in hopes that you don't see it so they get a chest for ZERO real help. You might want to alert your FS's to really look at their contribution...
  11. MirandaZink

    More upgrade options

    My idea is to allow people who use diamonds to have more options to upgrade their buildings. Something like this where you can complete it 100%, 50% or 25%.
  12. MirandaZink

    Building Information

    It would be nice to have the current size of the building listed so you know what you have and what the upgrade change requires versus having to count the squares it currently takes up.