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Search results

  1. Thistleknot

    Manufactory Design Flaw in Elementals

    I am into the Elementals age and have researched six of the first seven technologies. As I have done all along, as I unlock technologies I will start upgrading the buildings associated with those technologies. In addition, I try to do the quests as they come up and only skip quests that I...
  2. Thistleknot

    Competitive Fellowship Applicants

    This is mainly me just blowing off steam, but I wanted to see if others have seen this lately. Here's the situation: I have recently become the recruiter for my fellowship. In the description for my fellowship, we ask that any applicants email me as a friendly hello and a check to make sure...
  3. Thistleknot

    Guardians of Arendyll Are Recruiting

    The Guardians of Arendyll are looking for a couple of new members. We are a friendly, easy-going group. We help each other by accepting trades. If you have questions, post them in chat. Someone in the group is always willing to try to answer. We need either Steel and Magic Dust or Silk and...
  4. Thistleknot

    Tourney Insanity

    I just couldn't help myself. I was just curious enough to see how many tournaments it would take before I ran out of them. I'm currently at 374 provinces. This got me 42 tournament. It also got me broke. I spent well over 800K for each tier of goods. I did discover that starting from the...
  5. Thistleknot

    Scouting Costs and Times

    With everyone doing research in various aspects of the game, I thought I would do a project on scouting. Once you get to the guest races, you need to conquer 30 provinces to be able to open the next chest for Advanced Scouts. Once I researched advanced scouts for the Sorcerers Age, I started...
  6. Thistleknot

    The Guardians of Arendyll are looking for you

    The Guardians of Arendyll would like to welcome you. We have a couple of spots open. Please apply and message ImNimthiriel, our archmage. We are looking for players with at least the ability to manufacture Tier 2 goods. Preferred boosted goods currently are marble, steel, crystal, silk, gems...
  7. Thistleknot

    The Snow Flurry Aftermath

    I spent a little over a month saving snowflakes and waiting for just the right time to spend them. As a result, I ended up with 17 new buildings. That's 17 awesome new buildings with great culture and/or population! And then a horrible realization dawned on me. Where am I going to put all...
  8. Thistleknot

    Prosperity Towers - Super cool info

    The Prosperity Towers is an ancient wonder from the fairy age. It gives you a supply spell duration boost, so that your Power of Provision spells last longer, and it produces supplies every three hours. All this on a 5x4 space. The spell duration boost is a nice bonus if you use the spells...
  9. Thistleknot

    Elvanar Building Sizes

    I have been wanting to put this information up forever, but did not know how to until I was playing around today. Attached is a file that has all the current data on building sizes for elves and humans and the levels at which the buildings change size. By current data, I mean everything that...