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Search results

  1. Gath Of Baal

    700 diamonds

    I have gotten it a few times through the years, I have always thought of it as a random log on bonus that some people are just lucky to get. Having thought about it a little more about the circumstances under which I have received it, they seem to come for me after a period of inactivity, like...
  2. Gath Of Baal

    Night Essence

    If I remember right, you can make Night Essance before your Fairy Portal is high enough level to store it, You might want to check to see if your portal is the right level to store it.
  3. Gath Of Baal

    Using frogs

    Frogs really shine on manual fighting where you can use them to their maximum effectiveness. I use them multiple ways and it is all terrain and enemy unit dependent on how many I bring to any encounter. In my Opinion you can use frogs during most manual encounters (even when they don't match up...
  4. Gath Of Baal

    Post your screenshots of horrible battle layouts

    Straight up Frogs on that map, hit them as they funnel through. The enemy units will not get 1 hit in on manual, and. on auto with frogs you should still make out like a bandit. Hell even crapy cannoneers/mortars should get the same results Edit: in case you didnt know, using a faster unit...
  5. Gath Of Baal

    Veterans are leaving the game, why??

    Me personally, I got bored with the game after playing for over 5 years. This is supposed to be a Fantasy City Building game but there is no emphasis on the city building aspect of it, just basic choices where everyone's city ends up looking like the same crammed mass of stuff. We have been...
  6. Gath Of Baal

    buildings on the hill ?

    there are only 6 Ancient Wonder that provide the cliff buildings. both Dwarven AWs - Dwarven Bulwark, Mountain Halls both Fairy AWs - Prosperity Tower , Blooming Trader and both the Human and Elven versions of the Monastery and Bell spire/Crystal Lighthouse. Cant remember the name of the...
  7. Gath Of Baal

    Types of Knowledge and Dealing with Dissonance

    Yep, we are only a few generations away from the movie Idiocracy :p There are some quality and intelligent Gorilla glue challenge , moving car dance, twerking, tide pod challenge, Groin punch vids out there to prove it :D:p:D Might be closer then expected "Brawndo, it's what plants crave" :p
  8. Gath Of Baal


    My Precious, No one gets my horde of Preciouses, they are all mine.... mine...............mineeeeeeeeeeeeee You can never have enough Preciouses :p
  9. Gath Of Baal

    Dwarven Bulwark

    Click the Ancient Wonder icon on your bottom bar and it will bring up a menu with all the Ancient Wonder listed. You will have to scroll through the pages un till you get to the one you want, click it and it will go to its menu were you can add runes to its wheel and build it Edit: the icon...
  10. Gath Of Baal

    Types of Knowledge and Dealing with Dissonance

    History has shown us that not all knowledge is truth, So thinking this way a person is just as wrong as another who might also be championing a false truth and in the end they are both wrong. Example: Knowledge at the time had everyone believing the Earth was flat, then a person comes along...
  11. Gath Of Baal

    3 Star Trades For FS Members Only

    Not really.. A lot of us bigger cities will place 3 star trades for anyone, either to be helpful or to have their trades accepted faster. I always trade at a 10% loss to myself I will offer 110k whatever for 100k whatever, and my trades are first come first serve, but I always announce "Trades...
  12. Gath Of Baal

    Chests with historical goodies for spell fragmemts

    Since the Devs have shown no inclination to keep anything good exclusive in the game to those who were here and participated, yeah why not just open up everything for everybody available at anytime, I'm all for it now. I used to be of the mindset that if you were not in the game when something...
  13. Gath Of Baal

    How Can I Invite People To My Fellowship?

    This also works if you are not picky and just want members :p The Blind Invite AKA The shot gun approach: Go to the rankings list and start with the first page, Click their name and Hit Invite button on every player who does not show as in a fellowship, once your fellowship has full members...
  14. Gath Of Baal

    How, What and Why is that number generated?

    Tournament bonus ranking points 1st 1000 2nd 900 3rd 850 4th 800 5th 750 6th 700 7th - 11th 650 - 450 11th - 50th the reward drops down by 10 points for every spot 50th - 100th the reward drops down by 1 point for every spot
  15. Gath Of Baal

    Elvenstats certificate expired

    Yeah pretty much any game made by SSI or Origin was great. I own all of the mid to late 80s early 90s titles to include all the Gold Box SSI games like Dragonlance, Pool Of Radiance, Hillsfar, I have all the Ultima series and have been offered some serious money for all in a package deal, but I...
  16. Gath Of Baal

    Elvenstats certificate expired

    Me too, I got my Commodore 64 and 64C, set up and I regularly play games for Nostalgia sake, was just playing Ultima IV a few weeks ago, Load"*",8,1 then go cook dinner or watch a movie while the game loads :p
  17. Gath Of Baal

    Barracks not giving the right number of troops.

    You guys are just butchering my name :D:D:D:D
  18. Gath Of Baal

    Upjump in dust tourney difficulty.

    I think I noticed this as well this tournament, but in all fairness I had a lot more of the Brutal Ancient Orcs mixed in with every mage unit I had to fight this time then last, which made me have to select my units less efficiently and take more losses in order to be able to deal with them. I...
  19. Gath Of Baal

    Barracks not giving the right number of troops.

    Your squad size is different from your training que size. If you can que up 27 x Barbarians in 1 que and your Squad size is 135 then you would have to train 5 ques of 27 Barbarians to gain 1 full squad. There are a couple of things you can do to increase your barracks training Que size like...
  20. Gath Of Baal

    Does going through old threads make anyone else sad?

    Sometimes they come back like @SoggyShorts lol A few of them actually championed making the game better but I guess got frustrated by nonsense changes and no one listening to good ideas on how to make the game better. There are a few who have left that added almost nothing to the forum but...