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Search results

  1. Myne

    Never seen this before...

    Edit: I have 6 of these. This is what it looks like on my map.....AND I now have 32 coin pits.
  2. Myne

    Meet the cousin!

    Please meet @Iyapo1's cousin...Gomer!
  3. Myne

    Manufactory Boosts

    Anyone else notice that your manufactory boosts are not working??
  4. Myne

    old and wise

    Old and wise fellowship has 2 openings for active players that can achieve 500 pts in tourney and communicate well with others. We are a friendly fellowship and welcome active players.
  5. Myne

    Beginning Chapters

    I started a new city just a few days ago. Human this time. I can see why folks quit during the first chapters of the game. I am at the point below and ready to scream. Boring as hell. I don't recall being this bored with my first city, but I have slept a few times since I started it. Surely...
  6. Myne

    Brand New Fellowship

    Heythere! Fellowship old and wise is up and running. Come play with us! We are a new fellowship with no minimums, good communication, and seeking players who are active and place two- and three-star trades.
  7. Myne

    Come play with us!

    Fellowship old and wise has 1 opening available. Steel and/or scrolls player would be most welcome. Check us out!
  8. Myne

    Players across multiple worlds

    If you have players in your FS playing other worlds but they are not really contributing to the FS by trading and meeting the very reasonable tourney minimums you have asked for, what do you do? What is your process?
  9. Myne

    Blooming Trader Guild

    What influences how quantity in the trader guild? I have a chapter 13 player with a level 6 trader guild getting 7920 scrolls vs a chapter 12 player with a level 12 guild getting 7540 scrolls. They have both used the trader once today. They are both offered the same amount of steel however. WTH?
  10. Myne

    MA stuck

    Game version: __ v1.145.2-(34d28b0) - html5 (2022-01-20 09:02) Game world: __Harandar Browser + version: __Edge Operating System: __Windows 10 home 64 bit Screen resolution: __ Account name: __Myne Humans or Elves: __Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 =...
  11. Myne

    forum glitch?

    When you post a bug please include as much detail as possible Game version: __ v1.145.2-(34d28b0) - html5 (2022-01-20 09:02) Game world: __Harandar Browser + version: __Edge Version 97.0.1072.62 (Official build) (64-bit Operating System: __Windows 10 home Screen resolution: __1920x1080...
  12. Myne

    Who transplanted the gremlins into the game?

    In the recent past we have had disappearing buildings, bluprints free for all, spires that can't count, and all manner of other weirdness. Today we have streaming errors, chat not connecting, and tournament with a severe case of "I have to think about this and see if I want you to continue". I...
  13. Myne

    I do not understand, help me out please

    What is the purpose of making the entire fellowship ambassadors and/or mages? This makes no sense to me. Does anyone understand this and can explain it to me?
  14. Myne

    Add polling ability within FS messaging

    With the new fellowship perks we now have; fellowships need a way to poll their members on which choice they prefer the archmage to spend points on both on mobile and on browser. There is only limited ability to hold a "meeting" within chat. Sending fellowship wide messages and tracking them...
  15. Myne

    Closed | Contact Support Some tournament prizes not received

    Game version: __ v1.143.2-(6a14fd9) - html5 (2021-12-09 10:40) Game world: Harandar Browser + version: Edge Operating System: Windows 10 Screen resolution: 1920x1080 Account name: Myne Humans or Elves: Elves Current situation: Received some rewards but not restorations or bluprints Have...
  16. Myne

    old and wise

    Heythere! old and wise has 1 opening for a scroll boosted player! Message me! We would love to have you.
  17. Myne

    Moonstone Library

    One of my fellowship just won a library in the spire. I did not know they put it back in there.
  18. Myne

    old and wise

    Fellowship old and wise has one opening for an active player, boosted in scrolls would be a plus!
  19. Myne

    Spell Fragment Building

    Add a spell fragment event building to alleviate shortages.
  20. Myne

    One Thing

    What is the one thing you feel needs improvement the most in the game? Name that one thing and then state what is wrong with it. Be specific. What is it affecting and how? How is it holding you back? This thread is being made with an eye towards narrowing the focus of problems to what is the...