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Search results

  1. Iyapo1

    Won't Fix Chapter 3 Quest

    The Quest- A Space to live: Research City Expansion 6, can not be declined but City Expansion 6 is an optional tech. I thought the developers were fixing these so that optional tech did not have non-declinable quests?
  2. Iyapo1

    2022 Dawn of the Phoenix League Numbers

    World Event Ends Iron Bronze Silver Gold Beta Arendyll Winyandor Felyndral Khelonaar 18h 59m 79 222 286 412 Elcysandir 18h 59m 81 223 282 452 Sinya Arda Ceravyn Harandar 18h 59m 69 213 276 386
  3. Iyapo1

    Starting a racing city!

    @Enevhar Aldarion this is all your fault. The more I thought about it the funner it sounded! I just started a new city. I am going to race through the chapters as fast as I can. Currently in chapter one, looking at the event and laughing! I am not going to make it!
  4. Iyapo1

    Tips for parking a city in chapter

    I have a chapter 9 catering city that I am parking for two or three months in chapter 9. I am tweaking my layout to provide maximum manufacturing in order to maximize my sustainable tournament average and maintain my gold spire habit. My current sustainable average is 8370(31 tents to 6*) Here...
  5. Iyapo1

    Information Error in google play release notes.

    @helya This is a direct quote from the release notes for the update currently available on google play. - Rune Shards of a specific Ancient Wonder can now be used in the research phase, too! They can be converted to Knowledge Points in your own or another players' Ancient Wonder. Go on your...
  6. Iyapo1


    I dont know when the line about showing fuzzy changes showed up but I am pretty sure my Mountain Halls Goods Production did not always say this. I try to keep track of fuzzies. Mobile version 1.142.1-aa881bf-256(us 1.144)
  7. Iyapo1

    Spire Rewards Display Glitch

    Game version: 1.142.1-aa881bf-256 us 1.143 Game world: Elcy and Harander Browser + version: Mobile Account name: Iyapo1, Iyapo2 Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 3/3 Current situation: The Spire Rewards Pop-up did not Pop-up. I got all my prizes but there was no prize announcement.
  8. Iyapo1

    Moonstone Library in the spire

    The moonstone set is in the spire on live!
  9. Iyapo1

    Mobile Alerts

  10. Iyapo1

    Fellowships and new players

    I know that there are plenty of highly ranked FSs that will not take smaller cities. Most of them have the courtesy to put point or chapter requirements in their overviews. So this is a thing. What I am missing is why you think the lack of a moonstone set would ever play into it. Yes having...
  11. Iyapo1

    Minor Display Error Guest race goods.

    Game version: 1.123.2-3020c91-256 Game world: Elcy and Harandor Browser + version: Mobile ? Operating System: Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Account name: Iyapo1 Humans or Elves: Elf Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but...
  12. Iyapo1

    Wandering Chapter 1 Quests

    Game version: 1.119.2-82d601f-256(US1.120) Game world: Elcy and Harandor Browser + version: Mobile ? Operating System: Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Account name: Iyapo1 Humans or Elves: Elf Reproducibility: 2/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens...
  13. Iyapo1

    Unique Identifier for New Players in Trader

    Summary: Make trades posted by new players easily identifiable in the trader. Details: Depending on coding issues the unique identifier could be linked to chapter or start date. The player's name could be a different color or have a mark since some people are color blind. Pros: Easily...
  14. Iyapo1

    Help Manufactory base production

    Can someone please share with me a formula for calculating base production on a manufactory? I play on mobile so I can not see the info anywhere in game. Relic boost is 443%, current production is 299 per 3 hour. Could someone please tell me how to math out the base production using this info?
  15. Iyapo1

    Catering Cost Questions

    I actually have a question about this. In chapter 5 the spire starts asking for T3s. It seriously reduced the drain on my other goods. So in chapters where the spire starts asking for other goods: orcs, mana, seeds, etc. a similar (smaller) reduction will occur but across which tiers? All...
  16. Iyapo1


    I play on mobile, exclusively. When I go to elvengems and look up a building, the charts have a bunch of unidentifiable pictures which represent the buildings productions. The symbols can be puzzled out and tracked down. I was just wondering is there a legend or a key anywhere over on that...
  17. Iyapo1

    Found a home

    Boosted in Marble, Crystal, Gems. Hello. I am seeking a FS for my alt on Elcy. Currently a chapter 4 able to kill the Frog Prince and recently opened enough provinces to score 1.6k weekly in tournaments. My main is a chapter 5 gold spire almost 2.5k tournament average. I am seeking a 10...
  18. Iyapo1

    Help Elvenarchitect on mobile

    I cannot navigate in Elvenarchitect on a mobile device. Is there anyway to get elvenarchitect to work on mobile?
  19. Iyapo1

    Spire junky seeking FS on Harandar.

    I started another city on Harandar, just so I could hit the spire more than once a week. Currently in chapter 2. Boosted Planks/Scroll/Dust. It will take me approximately 4 weeks to open the spire and 6 weeks to get to the top. Tournament: 4 weeks to get weekly score over 1.6k Looking for...
  20. Iyapo1

    New/Former Player Looking for a Home

    Hello All. I was a daily player for about 2 years when life happened. I stopped playing before the woodelves showed up. So, a few years ago. Just started up again exclusively on mobile for the moment. On Elcysander steel, scrolls, elixer. Seeking active fellowship. In chapter 1 so steel only atm.