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Search results

  1. nativedeer

    Upgrades for quests

    Any building will do for upgrading in quests including AW’s? (As long as it’s 5 or higher)
  2. nativedeer

    The T

    Was you get in higher chapters does the time in tournament you have to wait to come back increase?(or always stay the same) thanks
  3. nativedeer

    Troop boosts

    Wanting to know when is the best time to place troop boosts if planning to fight both the spire n T, so I mite be able to make the most of my troop boosts.
  4. nativedeer


    I just want to say I saw a post where it said craft the evolving buildings in MA n that’s what I did it was a very good thing to do. After crafting them all that last one was the golmen. Well since they r all gone out of my rotation I get the things I need I have a bunch of pet food 75 rite now...
  5. nativedeer

    Battle boost

    So I always cater spire but now that it takes mana I have decided to fight the spire n switch to catering the T. Unless it has orcs in catering then will fight that. My question is what is a good day to place troop boosts to make the most of both? The T just started today had to place my boosts...
  6. nativedeer


    So when u have quest to upgrade WS or residents to 11 or higher the magic ones count rite? Just wondering cause they don’t go by numbers just chapters thanks
  7. nativedeer

    Chapter 9

    Starting Chapter 9 n was wondering if it’s best to upgrade my evolving buildings so they start producing mana right away. WillI I need mana in the Spire that is coming up n is it used in the T ? I have been saving my R&R’s to do the upgrades Just now working to unlock the trees that produce mana...
  8. nativedeer

    Cater or fight

    So in my game I cater the spire then fight T unless I come across one that I will lose too many troops . About done with orcs, someone suggested I should turn to catering T n fight the spire because sediment goods will be in spire n not in the T,said it would be easier.Fighting the spire seems...
  9. nativedeer

    I give up

    Got pretty far will get grand prize the one b4 the last building piece won’t even try for it it requires me to scout provinces or do encounters either way I don’t like over scouting I’m sure I will have to do this in the future I’m pleased with what I got. Haven’t even set out my new buildings...
  10. nativedeer

    Mana and sediment

    Wanting to know what is harder to get mana or sediment? Does this depend on your boosts which one u will produce my boosts rite now r planks silk n gems almost done with fairy’s. The reason I’m asking is the daily prizes in new event the active crevice gives mana n the astral crevice gives...
  11. nativedeer


    Was just wondering how many cities ya’ll play? Me I had 2 that was too much to keep up with, so now I just have the 1 city. Also when I left my city I was sure to let support know didn’t want my city to just be sitting there as I find a lot of cities are abandoned tho I still give NH to get me...
  12. nativedeer

    Building upgrades

    I know there is somewhere that shows the different upgrade stages of buildings in city Sometimes I end up getting rid of things n later on down the line wished I hadn’t thanks
  13. nativedeer

    Game shuts down

    This happened last event also it does it on my iPhone I did all the options made sure phone had latest updates uninstalled n reinstalled cleaned my phone up of excessive stuff was even thinking bout new phone lol so made it through that event I have computer when I get tooo frustrated it stated...
  14. nativedeer


    I always try n keep my culture at 200 with help of my EE’s with out them would prob be at 185 These are my numbers: total Cul-39126 Req-14999 Avail-24127 My question is how much can I use or what is a good balance to try n stay at ? I’m just starting the fairy’s chap 7 I do know the higher...
  15. nativedeer

    Brown bear

    Where n how do you get a brown bear am looking to find something that produces orc warriors
  16. nativedeer

    Air trader set

    Just started fairy chap been thinking bout getting rid of air traders set or the chess set leaning more with air. Most of the things I do place now I would like them to have cul n pop both n with the new event I have gotten some pretty good stuff I look at other people’s cities n see so many of...
  17. nativedeer

    FA event

    For the T1 badges necklaces n statues I can just use planks n marble for them right? So I won’t have to even place steel down for anything right saving space?
  18. nativedeer

    Game is acting up

    This the second time some weird has happened. Bout week 1/2 ago when I opened my game my training grounds vanished.I know that I couldn’t accidentally sold it it always asks you Well so I read n was gonna try n get it back. I see you get a one time free get back n that one time should be saved...
  19. nativedeer

    phoenix crafting

    i see in the crafting menu there is the option to craft different phoenix buildings been thinking bout doing one i would like to make the storm phoenix so since u can craft it some where down the line there will be ways to upgrade. I heard in the spire. n also which one would you think would be...
  20. nativedeer

    moon stone

    moon stone will b my sediment boost later in game so I have place 2 marble manufactures as I only have standard boost stuff placed n I see moon stone doesn't happen till it is leveled up to like 24 I think n in rite chapter I guess my question is am I doing this the rite way. i never hear any...