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Search results

  1. Tehya1

    Cannot Reproduce Daily Exclusive in the event didn't change

    The daily from yesterday evening to this afternoon was mage instant. It was supposed to change to primordial gecko, which I want very much, but it didn't in one of my cities. It is still mage instant.
  2. Tehya1

    Open My island

    The game is going crazy tonight. This is my city. I refreshed and the grass comes back, but when I change tabs and go back, it is an island again. It is happening in my other cities as well.
  3. Tehya1

    Festive May Tree, craft it or skip it?

    I have around 5+ may tree artifacts in my inventory from the spire in three cities, and the artifacts are craftable now. Should I spend diamonds/bps on the artifacts, or skip this evolving bldg entirely?
  4. Tehya1

    Help Differences in POP requirements between Human and Elf cities

    I am in orcs trying to get all of my factories and ws upgraded before I go neg pop and do the guest race stuff. Going neg pop will not be hard since the cost of everything skyrocketed in fairies! I am noticing a pretty significant difference in the pop requirements for upgrades between elves and...
  5. Tehya1

    Floats are the new lampions

    I am happy about some of the new mythical object items, but the floats? Sigh. I guess they are at least worth more to fag than lampions. lol I rarely see diamonds as a possible prize anymore, and when I do, I get floats instead. :rolleyes:
  6. Tehya1

    Unit Spreadsheet?

    Has anyone made a spreadsheet that compares individual units, ie, strengths and weaknesses? I know that you can look at that data by clicking on the unit types, but it would be great to see them all together and see how each one rates, not by stars, but by experienced player observations. I bug...
  7. Tehya1

    Best Ancient Wonders?

    Obviously space is an issue in this game, so I will not build all of the ancient wonders. Which are recommended? I have the ga, tos (for now, but probably not for long), MM, and needles in my elf cities. I have the GA TOS and needles in my human city. I am working on military and I still cater...
  8. Tehya1

    Can't log in on my phone

    I tried to log in to the game on my phone, but it keeps giving me an error message saying that the player name is not correct. Is there a work around for this error, or do I need to open a ticket?
  9. Tehya1

    Not getting all notifications

    I get some notifications about new posts in my subscribed threads, but not all. Is that typical, or do I need to change a setting somewhere?
  10. Tehya1

    Winter Event Advice?

    This will be my third event, first winter event. Any advice on getting the most out of it and the format? @SoggyShorts , do you have one of your super helpful spreadsheets yet?
  11. Tehya1

    Mobile vs Browser: Why perks on mobile only?

    I am sure that this has been asked/pointed out, but I need to vent. There is no daily reward in the bowser version of the game, and the spire apparently has new features that do not exist in the bowser version. This is extremely frustrating. I pefer to play in my browser, especially with the...
  12. Tehya1

    Re Roll Feature question

    When you use the re roll feature in the event, does that mean that you forfeit the building that you want to skip, or will it stay in a rotation?
  13. Tehya1

    Where have all the coversion recipes gone . . .

    I saw that Red Panda to reg bear ecipe constantly thoughout the fall event and though the FA, but as soon as the fa ended and I actually had two RP artifacts to use, they magically disappeared. I have not seen one since. It seems a bit unfair to remove them even before the FA ended since the...
  14. Tehya1

    End Game?

    I have searched here, on google, and on elvengems/architect, and I cannot find info on the endgame of a server. I know that there are a lot of chapters, and I know that some players have been building cities for years. What is the endgame?
  15. Tehya1

    Keep getting kicked off

    I am not sure if this is where I should post this, but I keep getting kicked in all three of my worlds. I keep all three open in my browser (FF) and I can't switch between tabs without getting kicked and having to log back in. Is this a bug o just a pita game feature?
  16. Tehya1

    Make Unused Time from Time Boosters Available for Future Qed Tasks

    A lot of time is lost when using time boosters that ae too big for a given task. For example, if I feed my brown bear, I will use time boosters to make the most of the extra troop numbers that it provides per recruit q. Another example is the need to produce supplies or goods quickly for events...
  17. Tehya1

    Time booster question

    I started to put this in suggestions, but thought I would ask here first. Has it ever been suggested that time boosters be made stackable? Fo example, if I have a 5 hr booster that I want to use on a 4 hour job, it would be nice if I didn't lose that hour. Also, if I want to poduce a large...
  18. Tehya1

    Best Chapter for Evolving Bldg Upgrades?

    I have a few buildings that already have artifacts applied to them. I also have some evolving buildings that I crafted but haven't placed yet. What is the best chapter to place, evolve and/or apply RRs to various evolving buildings?
  19. Tehya1

    Teleporting Evolved Buidlings?

    If you teleport an evolved building, does it retain the evolutions? What about upgrades? Are they retained, or do the buildings reset to level 1?
  20. Tehya1

    Why can't we trade relics?

    I am in chapter 3 and have over scouted because of quests and the need for expansions to progress. Now I only scout as much as needed to get through quests and collect the relics that I need for the MA, but collecting relics is getting very hard. I have a FS member who is several chapters ahead...