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Search results

  1. HonuMoana

    Other In-Between Time Extension

    The best part of this game is the time in-between the events and adventures. We can enjoy our groups and our cities without the quest niggling, and our goals are our own. It would be great if this time received a bit more attention, two-to-three weeks minimum, three-to-four preferred.
  2. HonuMoana

    Neighborly Help

    I've stopped doing Neighborly Help on the Map. I only do it within my Fellowship. Is there really any point any longer to bothering with the neighborhood help? The game has clearly devalued it, since there is no Fellowship XP for it. The game is complex and there are many things to manage in...
  3. HonuMoana

    Congratulations Developers

    You managed to make the FA Badge collection tool entirely superfluous. I bet that really took some doing. Still, I can see absolutely no reason to keep that lil pop-up. Why not just send the Badges directly to inventory? In fact, why not just send them directly to the Map? No, no, I've got it...
  4. HonuMoana

    Rant May the Pit BURN IN HELL

    I'm done. I've had enough. I will never again play the Pit. Go take your stinking, hopeless, disgusting torture device and just shove it right up there where the sun don't shine. I am personally staggered that you insist on torturing your players with it. I will be honest, on some level it...
  5. HonuMoana

    Creating Space Quest in Dwarves Unacceptable

    Greetings, I must express extreme distaste with the chapter quest "Creating Space." It has occurred for me early in chapter VI. It is non-declinable. It is requiring me to do an "optional" expansion. It is doing so early in the chapter, thus blocking me from the quests that provide real benefit...
  6. HonuMoana

    Neighborly Help Supplies Count for Production

    Greetings, It doesn't seem right that the supply rewards from Neighborly Help don't count as "production" for events and such. The Neighborly Help requires that the player actively do something to earn those rewards. That seems like production, and not just a gain. Furthermore, it would seem to...
  7. HonuMoana

    More Optional Technologies

    Greetings, This game has developed a lot of choices from the game side, and this is a good thing. However, I think the players need more choices too. Perhaps an easy way to accomplish this is making more of the technologies optional. A good way to get this started may be to make all of the...
  8. HonuMoana

    Repeat Encounters

    In order to help players improve their battle strategy, it would be nice to repeat specific encounters. This could be a change to the existing pop-up, giving players the choice to repeat the encounter. I have often wanted to be able to do this. I would be willing to pay for the privilege. There...
  9. HonuMoana

    Funny Building Combinations

    Greetings, The designers do come up with some fun stuff, but we as city builders can enhance these designs with amusing pairings of the buildings, or even more complex combinations. Here's a fun one. Have your Copper Dragon point the way to your Smallest Room. I find it amusing that a dragon...
  10. HonuMoana

    Diving Platform

    Cudos to the designers. The Diving Platform is hilarious. The animation looks more like Mayan cenote sacrifice than diving, but considering my question that may be entirely appropriate, as well as additionally humorous. Was the top of the Diving Platform originally colored orange?
  11. HonuMoana

    Cripple Ware?

    Greetings, Are the game developers actively crippling the PC version of the game? My evidence is the resource frass as I call it. Frass is the crap insects leave behind when feeding. Whenever we PC players start some manufacturing, the resource frass pops up on the screen. If you start a large...