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Search results

  1. neeronie

    NoRulesJustKidding Winy

    Seeking active players, we have fellows on line at all hours. Like to chat, or like to play quietly, all good. We do encourage helping each other and teamwork.
  2. neeronie

    add alternates

    I am doing elements with one of my characters and as an example, the quest has two parts, one with an alternative and the other does not. It is required and needs 6 workshops upgraded to level 28. Luckily I have 6 I can work with. In another city I have sold workshops when I won Magic...
  3. neeronie

    Balancing seeds and mana

    It would be very helpful if a player could choose to make mana or seeds with the building that make those. It would be easier to balance the seeds vs. mana production.
  4. neeronie

    players leaving

    players are fed up with the trading distribution and imbalance that has come about due to Spire and the Moonstone Library. There is no market for sentiment goods that can be collected. My fellowship has lost a valuable member and one of my characters is in the same boat. I never see a trade...
  5. neeronie

    needing teleports

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could craft teleports?
  6. neeronie

    New but growing and active

    NoRules Family 2 is a fellowship that wants beginning cities. We can help you grow and that is guaranteed.
  7. neeronie

    My language, your language.

    This is a game that is played by players from all over the world. Is it possible that some players do not chat or message or return messages because they speak another language? Is there a way to provide a translator link?
  8. neeronie


    Does anyone know what the price will be for teleporting a Breeding Ground?
  9. neeronie

    One spot left with NoRules Family

    We are in Winyandor, and have a place for the Fellowship Adventure or a permanent place for a player boosted in planks or dust. We do love tournament and Spire. We have an excellent plan for the FA.
  10. neeronie

    One spot open in NoRules Family

    We are set to go but have 1 opening. We ranked in the top 30's last time and have made our plans this time.
  11. neeronie

    We are very prepared for the FA

    We have one opening, We are going for the gold metal. ranked in the top 30 last time
  12. neeronie

    When you have too much KP; bank it.

    It sure would be nice if there was a bank I could deposit my KP for later use. Especially, when I win KP during events and my queue runs up to 48 KP and all research is blocked. I know I could put in into an AW, one KP at a time, yawn, but I like having some available when I need it.
  13. neeronie

    lost diamonds

    One of my members lost diamonds after an update, apparently her setting for confirmation did not stay checked. Is there a way to go back before the update to recover the diamonds.
  14. neeronie

    Squad size

    I have been advised in the past to skip the squad upgrade research that was not required. I am sure that was good advise at the time. We are playing a different game than we were just a year ago. I read with wide eyed wonder about the data some players are putting together to get answers...
  15. neeronie

    Name change

    This may sound a bit silly but I better to sound silly then make a mess. My fellowship would like to change it's name. Will that cause a problem?
  16. neeronie

    itty bitty chat window

    In one of my cities, another fellow and I have tiny chat windows, I don't know how or if I can change it. I tried rebooting. Any suggestions, Thanks
  17. neeronie

    warning alert when changing Fellowships

    Players loose their prizes and Fellowships loose any contribution a player may have made if they leave during a Fellowship Event or Tournament before it is over. I understand that this also happened to a player when she switched fellowships during this event which is not a team effort but an...
  18. neeronie

    relics used to make MM catalyst and fed food

    I suggested, in the Ideas and Suggestions Forum, that there needed to be as change in which relics are necessary for making the above either by rotating the relics needed, or making a new interchangeable relic or by being able to purchase relics with coins. This suggestion was archive within an...
  19. neeronie

    relics needed for Magic Academy

    I am always running out of dust because it is needed for MM and catalyst. Is it possible to mix up the combinations needed so that there is not a heavy load on one relic?
  20. neeronie

    NoRulesNotKiddings can make room for you

    Active players only, would like planks but not critical. We are ranked 243 and were formed less then a year ago but finished in the top 30 for the Fellowship Event. This is what one of our new members messaged us...... Brag all you want, I’ve played many games, most have some form of “party”...