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Search results

  1. Information about trader

    i know you can’t post trades while upgrading the trader, but can you receive goods from trades that were posted before you started the upgrade?
  2. Information from develops live event

    Just watched the developers on face book and the live event starts Monday. They also said that they are working on browser people being able to visit their neighbors more easily like the mobile people can. They said probably after first of the year, but no promises. They were also asked about...
  3. Location of Sips of Clarity

    I had One Sip of Clarity and just won 5 more from the spire. Was trying to confirm that I really had them and couldn’t find any location that would show me my total count. Would someone please direct me.
  4. Mobile emulator

    I play on an iPad and need an emulator to be able to use Elven Architect. I can not get the new version of Puffin, that is able to be downloaded, to work. Any other suggestions would be very welcomed
  5. Tournament Start Time

    What time does the tourney start today?
  6. Stash Outpost

    When your Stash Outpost has expired do you still get the benefit of the culture that it provide?
  7. Need stats on Stonehenge

    I am in the S&D chapter with a chapter 6 Stonehenge base in inventory which I can evolve to 9 and upgrade to current chapter. I would like to know what I would receive from it if I did so and what I would get if I bought the extra artifact in MA. Elvengems or Elvenarchitect doesn’t give this...
  8. Pilgrims Manor won’t upgrade

    My pilgrims manor will not upgrade and was wondering if anyone else is having this problem
  9. Tourney question

    I live in US. Would someone please tell me what time the tourney ends tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out how long I can prolong finishing today’s round
  10. Open slots in training ground

    I have a level 8 training ground with 4 open slots and am in orcs and goblins. When does the fifth slot open up?
  11. Finding a FS

    I’m a newby playing on a iPad and trying to figure out how to find a specific FS. There is no search button that I can find and all the game shows me are a very limited choice of random groups. Any help appreciated. I’m in Winyandor
  12. Need a New FS

    I’m a new player, but very active. I help all 21 members of my FS every day, but only about five members help me . On my second day, we had a Tournament and I was number two in scoring. I was ranked number one in the one that just ended. They don’t trade except for one or two. I am not going...
  13. Production boost technology

    I have to do a Production boost technology and can’t find out how to do this. Help please