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Search results

  1. Dynamic Trading

    The Idea is that you place X goods on the market, buyers of this good can either select the entire trade or part of the trades. Example: I place 5.000.000 scrolls on the market for 3.333.333 gems. (2 star trade with trade ratio 1.5) The first player needs only 5000 scrolls and pick up 5000...
  2. Put trade negotiation is a seperate tab

    I know we had this suggestion before, and it was accepted, but that was before easy neighbourly help so the same suggestion again with modern updated insights why it should be implemented as after several years this suggestion has not seen the day of light yet. This idea is a part of the market...
  3. Make the wholesaler a solution to market good imbalance issues.

    The idea is to make the wholesaler an alternative for trading goods at a premium, right now with a level 30 blooming traderguild wonder only the first trade is interesting, the super inflation that is implemented on goods vs goods swap is so prohibitively expensive that it can't solve market...
  4. Summer Event: The March of the Herds

    As the new event started on beta, As always I will write up all the quests and rewards (will take me a day to get all rewards done so give that page some time please) Main Quests Daily Quests Rewards As this is once again a mayor event the probability chart from fasdfTTT is once again very...
  5. Ardarian Dragons Seeking Members

  6. Reward List for Wonder Assistance

    I now have access to write on the US forums so I post this here as well, especially after a mayor update. it's far from complete so far but it might be some great help to you How to Use: 25/2: the first number represents the amount of knowledge points you are awarded when the wonders level is...