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Search results

  1. Iyapo1

    Starting a racing city!

    Sadly, here ends the experiment. I am taking a hiatus from the game. It was wonderful chatting with all of you but I have lost that loving feeling for the game. Take care all and best wishes.
  2. Iyapo1

    Closed | Contact Support expanision sale

    Why did it not work? Did you get an error msg?
  3. Iyapo1

    Are premium expantions worth diamonds?

    Yes. I spend diamonds on an extra builder, upgrading the Magic Academy, and premium expansions. But they get ridiculously expensive after a few.
  4. Iyapo1

    Complete Spire boss contest final vote

    2 1 3
  5. Iyapo1

    Trader Mana

    Or a screen in the Wholesaler that let's you trade currently untradable goods for other untradable goods.As an avid Bee lover....this would be great!
  6. Iyapo1

    Forum Update

    Under the old system I couldn't strike through because I never could remember the BBCode...now there is a button. I like that a lot. It even works
  7. Iyapo1

    Stolen Account

  8. Iyapo1

    Quests Event quests limit

    They tried that once, it went really well for the players. I would like it very much if they tried it again :)!
  9. Iyapo1

    Quests Event quests limit

    With as far as you are I dont think that will be a problem for you this event. I have not reached lock out yet but I am soooooo close.
  10. Iyapo1

    What's in a name?

    Many of us? Or just me. That was not a tanget. I very specifically quoted the OP and invited the OP to answer their own question since the shoe obviously fits. Did you just righteously attempt to police me?...I think you did and I think it gave you joy. @ajqtrz I can read and I am on topic...
  11. Iyapo1

    Quests Event quests limit

    First, congratulations! You hit lock out with 14 days to go! That is pretty awsome especially since you obviously were not aiming for it. Basically in every event you get a stack of quests, the first 50 or so can be finished immediately...but every day of the event a new quest is unlocked...
  12. Iyapo1

    Stolen Account

    Did they really? It is against the rules ;) for you to give us details of your conversation with support but.... slapped?
  13. Iyapo1

    Stolen Account

    All you can do is contact support. Not sure how much help they will be considering the fact that both the original account owner and the player that took the account are in violation of the game rules. "3. Account sharing Players must keep their own login data, passwords and access data secret...
  14. Iyapo1

    What's in a name?

    @shimmerfly When I see a filter skipping name I almost always assume immaturity. They can, so they do....and in my head I think they giggle over it.
  15. Iyapo1

    What's in a name?

    You can answer the first question yourself. You bent the rules and thought nothing of it because. . . "reasons". As for the second question, the system depends upon people reporting violations because, as pointed out by others we want Richard to play and we do not want clbuttic issues. I did...
  16. Iyapo1

    What's in a name?

    @ed1960 My point is that the game and forum both depend pretty heavily on players reporting violations. As for Richard....he can take care of himself.
  17. Iyapo1

    What's in a name?

    What? No. "8. Inappropriate material and language Abbreviations, self-censoring, and attempts to circumvent the censure also violate this guideline. Please note that starring out characters does not make it any less a swear word. It is still perfectly understandable and still intentionally...
  18. Iyapo1

    User Interface Neighborly help - make a batch process!

    New players in your neighborhood notice. They cant reach anybody and they notice when nobody visits them. I was a daily "visit all" until city number 4....now, yeah no! I am still trying to pick it back up but...not working out lately.
  19. Iyapo1

    What's in a name?

    Well since you just broke the forum rules with your post why dont you explain "How or why you think nothing of bending the rules" in a post about bending the rules? As for "How is it the system let's them do so".... the system is not programmed to care all that much about every possibility, the...
  20. Iyapo1

    you messed it up again!

    If you dont want to grow your city past chapter 2, you don't have to but getting uber pissed at Inno for not accommodating your very unique playstyle is a wee bit unreasonable.