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  1. Gath Of Baal

    Is this new or have I just been in the dark?

    So I had the event task to upgrade 2 buildings to level 5 or higher or scout a province. I had nothing to upgrade and was getting ready to use some timers on my scout to finish the task when the tournament ended and gave me my prizes.. Before speeding up my scout I decided to use my Royal...
  2. Gath Of Baal

    Expiring & Start Timers

    I propose the addition of a timer added to the troop selection screen that would show how much time is left on the Fire Phoenix feeding effect, this could also be added to the world map but I think would work best on the troop selection screen viewed right before a battle. Would also like to...
  3. Gath Of Baal

    Squad Size >999x

    I got curious when I hit the 16th tournament province and I was still showing Valorian Guards at >999x , I did the math and I have 3120 squads at squad size 664. If they take away the > and X they could actually show the real number up to 99,999 , instead of giving me a headache by having to...
  4. Gath Of Baal

    Elvenar Recycling Company

    I propose a new building be added to the game called the Elvenar Recycling Company. This Building can either be a limited time (expiring) won Via events or a permanent city structure, I have yet to decide which is best for this. Things you can recycle: 1) Old Guest race goods 2) Spell...
  5. Gath Of Baal

    Veterans Day, Thank You

    There is discipline in A Soldier you can see it when he walks, There is honor in A Soldier you hear it when he talks. There is courage in A Soldier you can see it in his eyes, There is loyalty in A Soldier that he will not compromise. There is something in A Soldier that makes him stand apart...
  6. Gath Of Baal

    Mercenaries work for gold

    Mercenary - A mercenary, sometimes known as a soldier of fortune, is an individual who takes part in military conflict for personal profit, is otherwise an outsider to the conflict, and is not a member of any other official military. Mercenaries fight for money or other forms of payment. If...
  7. Gath Of Baal

    To Sell Or Not To Sell.. That Is The Question

    My first city that I started the game with is on Khelonaar and even though I have neglected it over the years, it still holds that sentimental value to me of being my first My first Ancient Wonder that I built was on Khelonaar and it was the Crystal Lighthouse, so it too holds some sentimental...
  8. Gath Of Baal

    What Would Be Your Favorite GoT Ending

    I want to see Cersei win :p.. The last scene before it fades to black then the credits has to be Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne, she reaches up to her face, then smiles towards the camera, and starts to slide her face off.. End of series Arya is my favorite character in the whole series...
  9. Gath Of Baal

    Help Forum / Game - Abbreviations, Slang, Confusing Terms Guide And FAQ

    This is a guide for common Abbreviations, Slang and other maybe Confusing terminology used throughout the forums and the game itself. Common questions players ask are answered HERE in the FAQ section. As a new player or new user of these forums, it is easy to get confused or lost in a...
  10. Gath Of Baal

    The Undead

    Its been awhile since I have tried to post an idea on these or the beta forums, Probably a long shot, but here I go again.. I actually propose 2 new starting races, though I will only get into detail about 1 on this thread. Here is my reasoning for having 2 or even needing new starting races...
  11. Gath Of Baal

    Happy Veterans Day

    Just wanted to say Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Veterans.. Thank you for your service and god bless you and your family's
  12. Gath Of Baal

    Getting thru the orcs in 2 and 1/2 days

    In one of the fellowships that I have recently joined, I was chatting with another member about how they thought the dwarf chapter was taking way to long. I had replied to them that the dwarf chapter seems a lot longer because its the first time a player is introduced to a new way of...
  13. Gath Of Baal

    A Traveler Has Arrived

    I propose a new game feature, that adds developable characters to live and work within your city, adding a new aspect to the game both for combat and further personalizing a city through its people who live there. I propose a new building called the "Travelers Tavern" once built, this 2x2...
  14. Gath Of Baal

    Glass Half Full Not Half Empty

    With all the recent changes, that have everyone's tempers flaring and only negative things being said about the creators and developers of this game, lets try and show some support by letting them know what we actually like about the game or what made us play the game in the first place...
  15. Gath Of Baal

    Developers Wrath???

    I don't know what's going on, but all day the game has pretty much been unplayable for me.. Things like messages and chat not loading up, constant errors and disconnects, trader not loading.. not being able to restart productions with out a game crash.. Anyone else having problems?? Maybe...
  16. Gath Of Baal

    A way to get more tournament participation

    I am part of a few very active fellowships, and it may still be to early to tell the real story, but so far I have seen about the same participation as if it just been my neighbors doing the tournament along with me.. I hear a lot of "its not one of my boosts" and "why waste my troops and...
  17. Gath Of Baal

    Flight Of Dragons

    Far above the ground, soaring on the winds of fate and time, fly the flight of dragons.. One dragon alone is already a fearsome predator, but a flight of dragons is unstoppable.. To join us you must be an active player, willing to visit other fellowship members at least 3 times a week or...
  18. Gath Of Baal

    Forgotten Realms

    Forgotten Realms is looking for an active player with Planks/Crystal/Dust boosts.. We would prefer that you have a score of at least 20k, produce only your boosted goods, have a trader and be active and willing to trade and do visits 3-4 times a week.... If you have all 3 needed boosts we...
  19. Gath Of Baal


    I would like the ability to place water tiles in my city, to make rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.. I think water tiles should be the same size as road tiles and placed in the same manner and even have a similar culture bonus just like roads do... You should be able to place multiple...
  20. Gath Of Baal

    --- Gone Forever Means Gone Forever ---

    "Father Tree" "Gone forever in 23:59 hours" This is what the prize stated during the summer event.. "Gone Forever" to me means that it was a one time thing rewarded to those who worked to gain it during that set amount of time. "But you still have to work for it now" you say? No not...