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Search results

  1. Hide unfair trades coming from outside the FS

    Summary: Hiding unfair trades is a possible fix to the phenomenon where some people are making profit on buying all the goods from the market, making artificial shortage and reselling them with unfair trades to make profit. Details: Research: Currently some players are sucking the blood of...
  2. Guest race goods should not be necessary for optional research

    When somebody progresses to the next chapter, they will no longer be able to use the portal instants to finish optional researches from the previous chapter. For example at the end of chapter 16 there are 3 optional researches which require statues. The total statues required are 20k and the...
  3. Any idea how exactly portal instants work when changing chapter?

    I am on chapter 16 and it would be nice to continue to chapter 17, but I have 3 optional researches left, which require 20k statues total, while I can store only 7.5k of them. Can I use portal instants in the next chapter to get the missing statues if I keep the chapter 16 portal or how does...
  4. Event reward system

    If you want to keep the current 4x4 table reward system, which I think is way worse, than the previous choose from 3 chests system, then I have a few suggestions. First of all removing shuffle from the rewards would make it a lot more enjoyable, because currently it functions as a landmine if...
  5. Start on all idle checkbox on factories too

    It would be nice to have the "start on all idle" checkbox on factories, not just on workshops. It would be a great help during fellowship adventures.
  6. Better unable to join dialog

    I got something like "Unable to join another fellowship until 04/12/2020 az 6:27" when I try to join to my new fellowship. The time is definitely not in my time zone, so I have no idea when I can try to join again. It would be nice to have the remaining time instead of a date here too.
  7. More detailed diamond confirmation settings

    It would be nice to have more detailed settings for diamond confirmation. It is annoying in the spire when I buy another round for 25 diamonds, but it is really useful when I cater tourney tents. I turned it off because of the spire, but now I accidentally spend diamonds on tourney tents when I...
  8. More permanent communication

    My problem is that I have to send out tournament messages each week. After a 9 week cycle I have to repeat the same messages again and again. It would be nice to store them in some sort of wall, so people can access them easily, and I have to write them only once. Players use currently the...
  9. Help Is there a way to speed up manual fights?

    I am doing many provinces on tournament and even with 3 "arrows" on the HTML5 page it is way too slow to do it manually. It takes a lot of time to wait for the animations. Is there any way to speed them up further?
  10. Is there a way to zoom out on the app?

    The title tells everything.
  11. Did anybody manage to run the app on an android virtual machine?

    I installed android 8.1 from here: https://www.osboxes.org/android-x86/ on win 7x64 virtualbox 5.1. I installed the app with google play, but when I am starting it, I got an error message, that the hardware is not compatible. Is there a working virtualbox configuration? Any idea how to fix...
  12. What is the significance of the scouting research chest?

    As far as I understand you can open the chest at the end of the chapter only if you completed enough provinces. Is this the only purpose of these chests? Does opening them change anything about fighting difficulty?
  13. Gravity Inn contest episode one question is not clear enough

    I am not sure where to write this, but the first episode of the Gravity Inn contest is not specific enough. "Your task is to identify which event the buildings in the image belong to. When did they become available first?" - We don't know if we have to write only the event names, or the exact...
  14. Just wondering why we tolerate cheaters?!

    Most of the top 10 players have 150-450k ranking points from AWs (not counting the throne), yet it is very hard to reach 1000KP per week if you play the game normally. So either they have a 3-9 years old city in a 2 years old world, or something is very wrong here... I wonder why admins let this...
  15. What is the newest world on Elvenar?

    What is the newest world on Elvenar?
  16. Cannot login

  17. Display event building levels

    The current game does not show the event building levels (in which chapter I collected the building), so the only way to rearrange a city in the city planner to check the culture the event building gives, which makes the whole process inconvenient, especially if you want to help to a FS member...
  18. Filter unfair trades in trader

    A neighbour of mine thinks it is a good idea to flood the trader with a dozen pages of unfair tier1 trades. Probably s/he is playing for accidental acceptions of these trades, I am not sure, but every time I open the trader I have to look over 10 pages of junk before I can trade with my real...
  19. Quest decline hotkey

    By repeatable quests it would make things much easier if we had a decline hotkey, so we would not have to click on the decline buttons by each quest and we would spare hundreds of clicks on a day.