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Search results

  1. Cathedral play?

    yup we have that link thank you!!! :)
  2. Cathedral play?

    yes we have 2 catering videos and guide that do that very way of catering. thank you so much. i am curious how many factories you have. what world are you in? i would love to be able to see your city to help my player set up for success. what kind of AW's things like that.
  3. Cathedral play?

    Hi, i am a AM and have a player that wants to play cathedral instead of military. 1 i havent hear this term before but she is from a different country and they could call something different. I believe its just goods. 2nd is there any viability to this type of play? she is in orcs and is...
  4. Sovereigns United - seeking 3 members(updated 6/26/22)

    Fun, supportive, laid-back FS looking for 3 strong spire and tourney players to help us grow our 10+ chests and get more gold spires. Experienced or new players welcome :) we teach new players to play big. We have a discord group that allows fun conversations between the Sovereigns 2 FS's...
  5. Cross trading

    I may have stirred the pot but its gotten around and my traders in both cities have actually been offering more in tier trades soo I take all this as a win. the math did hurt my brain too lololol. I am just tired of not having enough t2 goods lolol
  6. Cross trading

    yes i agree new players I will always take the cross trades. totally understandable. in my fs i will even do 0 star trades to help boost them goods.
  7. Cross trading

    hello fellow gamers. I have long wanted to put this out but I know a lot of people will get crazed about it but I am going to do it anyway because I see it as a huge pitfall. While everyone thinks its easier to cross trade and sees it as an equal trade I don't know if people realize that they...
  8. Sovereigns United-Recruit looking for strong spire, tourney, or willing to learn players 3/29/22

    anyone looking for active and relaxed group to play. Starting prep for the FA! Come join a group that adds a little extra flair for them :)
  9. Play is getting repetitive

    I loved playing this game in the beginning. I have been here for almost 3yrs and now I am getting very tired of playing the same way all the time. The great thing about the beginning was it seemed like it was different having and Elf city vs. Human city. Now that I am in the higher chapters...
  10. Sovereigns United-Recruit looking for strong spire, tourney, or willing to learn players 3/29/22

    AM JerseyTinkerbell/Meeko76 Hi we are looking for active players for our sister FS Sovereigns United. While we are a very active group it really is a relaxed atmosphere we have created. We get that life happens. So if you like climbing the spire(solid silver moving towards gold), getting...
  11. Sovereigns United is continuing its Gold Spire quest

    Sovereigns United has reached its very first Gold spire 12/9/2021! Humans! Elves! Join us on thee most noblest of quests! And what is that you dare ask? Thee coveted Gold spire!!!! Help SU on this mission as we endeavor to forge friendships and build our cities in a fun helpful FS. We also...
  12. Sovereigns United-Recruit - 3 openings (updated 6/26/22)

    Sovereigns United has rebuilt and then some!!! We are now on our first Gold spire run with 1 opening left. Not to late so come check us out and join the gold spire climb. We are having a blast!!! come join us 12/6/21 contact AM JerseyTinkerbell Mages BlossomTele, Keith96olds !
  13. Sovereigns United Gold Spire Mission (Updated 11/28/21)

    we have 1 slot open as we go for our first gold in spire please come join us!!! its never to late!!
  14. Come join Sovereigns' Rogue Pirates Crew! 2 openings (updated 6/26/22)

    Just Updated Rogues stats. come check us out we have a couple of new openings due to members moving over to our aspiring gold spire sister FS. Dec 3, 2021 :)
  15. Sovereigns' Rogue Pirates is looking for crew members(Updated 1/30/22

    We had a couple of people move over to our Gold spire sister FS so we have some new openings :) come check us out!
  16. Sovereigns United Gold Spire Mission (Updated 11/28/21)

    we would love to have you join SU. come take a look updated for 11/28/21!!!
  17. Come join Sovereigns' Rogue Pirates Crew! 2 openings (updated 6/26/22)

    Rogues needs crew members 3 openings 11/21/21
  18. Sovereigns United-Recruit - 3 openings (updated 6/26/22)

    2 openings as of 11/21/21 come on the gold spire express :)