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  1. Twilight phoenix - the first poison pill in Elvenar...

    Arendyll, right? I count 10 in their city. I have no idea how much that must've cost.
  2. Twilight phoenix - the first poison pill in Elvenar...

    Keep in mind the sparkles only add the 5% -- or higher with AWs -- bonus to buildings with neighborly visits. And this only happens once -- subsequent EEs only add to the timer. MM must have active fellows and neighbors stopping by often, and their help sticks around longer thanks the the Great...
  3. Twilight phoenix - the first poison pill in Elvenar...

    Same. This might convince me to finally build that BTG I've been putting off. I just need to hear what supporting spells we're talking about.
  4. 2022 Dawn of the Phoenix League Numbers

    World Event Ends Iron Bronze Silver Gold Beta Arendyll 18h 47m 83 223 282 460 Winyandor Felyndral Khelonaar 18h 59m 79 222 286 412 Elcysandir 18h 59m 81 223 282 452 Sinya Arda Ceravyn Harandar 18h 59m 69 213 276 386
  5. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I chose the best choice for progression every time and am going to fall well short of getting all nine artifacts. It doesn't help that I've won just 50 extra currency... This will be the first event since leagues came out that I won't get Silver.
  6. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I got mine at 5:08 a.m. CT. It went to the Promotions folder in my Gmail.
  7. Cathedral play?

    It could be a mistranslation of "catering," i.e. negotiating. She'll probably focus on building up goods rather than troops. Edit: To help her with that playstyle, I would make sure she is only producing boosted goods and trading for the rest. Make sure she has all her manufactories leveled up.
  8. ISO experienced, active player who wants Spire Gold, 13+ chests

    Spot has been filled! If you're interested in MidlanTrader's, please reach out in case we have a future opening!
  9. ISO experienced, active player who wants Spire Gold, 13+ chests

    MidlanTrader’s is seeking an experienced and active player. We consistently achieve Spire Gold and 13+ Tournament chests. You will be joining 24 fellows who know the meaning of teamwork. We are currently rank #36 and Level 12. What we ask of our fellows: -- 2000 minimum Tournament score --...
  10. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Yeah, I guess that's a lot of bonus VV!
  11. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    How does one find the pet food to sustain such a menagerie -- no matter how deep the pockets? Is it just cycling the MA with a constant stream of diamonds? Or are there other ways to get it?
  12. Fellowship adventures

    It won't be this Thursday. Rumors say next Thursday (the 24th), and there will be a countdown timer 2-3 days before the event.
  13. Discussion The Buried City

    Don't forget to pick up provisions around your city. You're guaranteed to get a lot more than 2 before the event is over!
  14. elvenstats or something like it

    That's certainly your call as an AM, but I can tell you this type of micromanagement will turn off a lot of potential fellows. Most fellowships have minimums for tournaments and/or the Spire, and everyone who joins knows what is expected and the consequences if they are not met. What they don't...
  15. elvenstats or something like it

    I could see that resulting in some issues. "What do you mean you won't do a 1:8 trade? You have millions of planks, you jerk!"
  16. Spire stored points

    In the actual Spire progress bar, there's a green + symbol to apply your points to the next level. I believe only mages and AMs can use it, but any fellow can see how many points are available. Also, you need to have earned an excess on previous Spires to bank your points up to the max -- 350 in...
  17. Highest fellowship levels so far

    Yeah, I guess maximize was the wrong way to put it. I more meant where you put your focus. This was more out of curiosity than anything. Our FS is lvl 11 with perks set up as 4-1-4-1. Just seeing what others are seeing.
  18. Highest fellowship levels so far

    Now that fellowship levels have been out for a while, what are the highest levels you've seen? On A-world, I counted around ten level-11 fellowships in the top 50, along with quite a few 10s and 9s. I imagine there could be a higher level outside of the top 50, but that's all the digging I...
  19. New Neighborly Tab

    Yeah, the change is only on browser so far. I believe it's coming to mobile, but I'm not positive,
  20. Stash Outpost - Don't Waste Your Money

    This. You can see the tourney rewards for each encounter before you even participate. I don't think Inno is trying to screw you out of 1 KP. As for the Outpost, I don't think they are limiting the amount of drops. That would be a quick way of ensuring paying customers never come back. It's more...