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Search results

  1. sasmitcl16

    Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    Is it possible to get the evolve building to stage 10 without hoping for artifacts from the league? I'm already in the dailies yet only 5 artifacts so far (thats stage6)
  2. sasmitcl16

    Squad size upgrade not lowering the toughness of provinces

    A few days back i was at the end of dwarven chapter and had one squad size upgrade remaining to research ..along with that the provinces were all green and i had 135/130 provinces done to enter the fairy chapter..however once i researched the provinces didnt go down to blue which is very easy...
  3. sasmitcl16

    Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    which daily prize building is the most efficient pop/ culture per tile?
  4. sasmitcl16

    pets feeding duration

    Ashen phoenix around 30 days - +1-2% event currency per event quest. lasts a full event making it one of the best ones to be fed
  5. sasmitcl16

    One Word Reply Game

  6. sasmitcl16

    Reset Kp prices

    They could possibly balance that out with the amount of kp required in research..:) Alternatively they could reset it back to an amount which is affordable but not too cheap, which ofcourse depends from chapter to chapter... Like suppose we have chapter5, capacity 4.4m... income's around 500k...
  7. sasmitcl16

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    what about the dailies? do they run out after 75th quest? ..we cant get anymore scrolls(event currency) so does that mean only the diamond players can buy and play more to stay in gold league... that sounds unfair...
  8. sasmitcl16

    One Word Reply Game

  9. sasmitcl16

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Thank you very much Sir!!! This is awesomeee
  10. sasmitcl16

    One Word Reply Game

  11. sasmitcl16

    Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    They are sooo much useful in events.. when you have those spending knowledge point quest or research..u can keep saving up kp if you have it to 20limit..helps me when i dont have any ancient kp instant, which is an alternative to that quest
  12. sasmitcl16

    [application is withdrawn]Well experienced active player..looking for fellowship with Gold and Blueprint

    I offer: -Very active.. -Daily help -4th chapter almost done..Rushing into 5th -For me,3rd boss is a piece of cake -Currently in silver spire fellowship...Gold's better.. -8 to 10 provinces to 6 star everytime. Elvenstats would show you the average.. -2star/3star [Not relying on cross tier soon...
  13. sasmitcl16

    Battle change

    BTW, this is also true that the number of aw levels also play a role in determining the toughness of tourney and spire (unless what i read was wrong) so if in case you have built unneccessary aw's which do not help in your play style...the encounters might become harder...
  14. sasmitcl16

    Battle change

    Wow how ironic,, for the first time i could fight my way through the lab with much ease... :eek: I did not have any fight bonus aw's nor fire phoniex or anything that helps in fights (i did build the needless & got the dwarwen armory after this happened).. since im more inclined to catering in...
  15. sasmitcl16

    Help Hot Keys

    thank you very much!
  16. sasmitcl16

    Help Hot Keys

    Is there any list of Hot keys? I had seen a hyperlink for hot keys in Mykan's Guide to Elvenar, but it shows that i dont have the perms to view the page on the forum
  17. sasmitcl16

    What Song are You Listening to?

    Love story... Taylor Swift
  18. sasmitcl16

    Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    They do go in hand with every single daily exclusive building ..4x4 main retreat building, then left you can place the blossom light post 4x3, on top 3x4 bumblebee stables.. on right side of main building, 5x3 may festival stage..and top of blossom light post the fairy sand building..they look...
  19. sasmitcl16

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Sir squirrel, you are doing wonderful artwork for everyone.. Would you please be able to make one for me as well? I'd love if you make the avatar as well! Perhaps something to do with Mlp's fluttershy! (My little pony)