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  1. Gkyr

    Anyone else getting bad server today?

    Thank you for checking in, @Talaedraiia . Anyone else? Two hours later and it is even worse.
  2. Gkyr

    Anyone else getting bad server today?

    There was a period of being unable to sign on an hour ago. Usually happens at this time of day (for me) when Inno 'updates' a world. Now I am experiencing IMMense battle lags in Tourney and multiple website crashes. @helya @Astram Anyone else? (No time to leave detailed 'bug info').
  3. Gkyr

    Archmage issues

    Discord app is useful for that.
  4. Gkyr

    City Magic houses

    Depending on where you re in the game and with respect to space, consider having a Golden Abyss. With only a 3x3 footprint that never changes it can boost your population considerably for its size. Just upgrade it regularly. At a certain point you can just let it coast.
  5. Gkyr

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Thank you for correcting me. You are correct. Going back up to the header to adjust chapter and then back down to the building to adjust evo taxed my little brain. iDavis seems to be correct and I will use this opportunity to issue iDavis a public apology for my mistake. iDavis's use of 'Basic'...
  6. Gkyr

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Not I, but thou. Is there any way to access the "i" information nested screens of a building, such as you illustrated, if one does not have access to the building?
  7. Gkyr

    Spreadsheets of Manufactory Efficiency by Chapter, Revised and Complete

    Your valuable contribution is masterful and appreciated. If any new players are reading this and planning to apply these analyses from the start of their Elvenar gaming, it must be said that they should apply these principles to the establishment of their boosted manufactories and not to...
  8. Gkyr

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Looking specifically at how the RNG produces for a chapter 15 city at evolution level 4, iDavis indicates the RNG produces 33% chance of either Bismuth, Mushrooms, or Soap while the Platinum Leaf site indicates for the same building a 33% chance of each of Elixir, Dust or Gems and TomatoeHu's...
  9. Gkyr

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    for a fact-based rejection of the main building (Glory of the Numbskull) it would be nice to know the RNG breakdown of the drops, similar to why we have for other buildings. @helya sorry to bother you with trivia when you are so busy saving us from ourselves, but is such a guide available?
  10. Gkyr

    Armories: How Many is Too Many?

    yes, but how many limit themselves to 100 expansions? That seems to be the major key to lower cost encounters. Admittedly not the only key.
  11. Gkyr

    Armories: How Many is Too Many?

    To be clear, the nonmilitary AWs that were mentioned were just musings on my part on how one might wage a 50-50 campaign. I think I was clear about my opinion of the 50-50 strategy and I was not advising you on any particular build because I haven't been there and done that. For all of us...
  12. Gkyr

    Armories: How Many is Too Many?

    Agreed. I have those two as well and no other non military. But squads are supplies; supplies are untrained squads. Battle losses cost supplies and nothing else except perhaps time boosts. Therefore, one might consider the prosperity tower as an honorary military AW.
  13. Gkyr

    Question regarding the final stage of the FA

  14. Gkyr

    Armories: How Many is Too Many?

    All Great Advice Here. Special thanks to @crackie and @samidodamage for Expert advice and to @Darielle for thoughtfully starting this thread. Given that play styles are unique I am going to go out on a limb here... Disclaimers: I have never tried to optimize AW resource boosting buildings and...
  15. Gkyr

    LIVE Contest Elvenar Recipe Contest!

    Real Strawberry Ale! This is a all-grain mash light ale fermented with strawberries that is respectable (can be served to company without embarrassment). Ingredients: 8 lb. Pale Ale Malt 2 lb. Weyermann Vienna Malt. Approx. 1 lb. Oat Husks (optional) 20 gm. Tettnang hops 14 gm. Cascade hops...
  16. Gkyr

    Tournament Encounters

    Well! That is quite a lot of diamonds. I was ignoring tree diamonds (and I have no way of going back to sum them up) and I reviewed only the published lists of quests rewards (for chs. 1-6) because the OP was asking primarily about the mechanics of quests, which secondarily brought up a...
  17. Gkyr

    Tournament Encounters

    First, I would like to second everything @Zoof advised you. Next, I correct myself: if you are in Ch. 2, you are stalled at quest #26[Humans] or #27 [Elves]: "Gain 5 Steel Relics Fight and win in 5 Encounters" Zoof and I both mentioned to you that when you accomplish the first research...
  18. Gkyr

    Help BUG

    There is a bug forum section with a standard bug request outline that you should use. This is not bureaucratic - it helps Inno reps help you and all of us. This sounds serious enough that you should go down to the lower right of your home screen and select the settings gear and select help and...
  19. Gkyr

    Tournament Encounters

    Encounters means encounters. Province encounters. Always had and, I assume, likely to continue that way. Special Event quests are the only type to give you a choice as to Tourney, Spire or province and that has been more of a recent change. The quest 'solve 5 encounters' on the storyline...
  20. Gkyr

    how do I increase sentient goods

    Thank you for the correct update.