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  1. DeepTerminal

    Discussion Update v1.146

    From 110% to 60% per 10 MO, which is a 45% nerf for diamonds. The value of Red Panda Master is severely nerfed. Brutal.
  2. DeepTerminal

    Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    Oh yeah, I'm several months in and still doing the 210-badge ones... Just painful
  3. DeepTerminal

    Winter Event Advice?

    Winter Star gives less pop than Goblin Gift Shop. Father Tree hasn't appeared yet. So Goblin Gift Shop remains as the best reward in this event.
  4. DeepTerminal

    Winter Event Advice?

    If you don't have them, Goblin Gift Shop is one of the best pop buildings in the game and (in some chapters) gives more pop than magic res. They will most likely repeat as a daily reward towards the end. They are without a doubt the most valuable prize from this event. I have a ton from the last...
  5. DeepTerminal

    Cyber Monday deals or offers?

    The 20% expansion discount just went live at 2am PST / 5am EST.
  6. DeepTerminal

    Name change to Basic/Refined/Precious

    those are different tiers..
  7. DeepTerminal

    Black Friday Gift from Inno 2021

    anyone happen to know what the earth dragon does?
  8. DeepTerminal

    Name change to Basic/Refined/Precious

    I updated the mobile app today and saw that the goods tab now divides the 3 tiers of goods into Basic/Refined/Precious. I'm pretty sure that they have been called Basic/Crafted/Magical Goods. So is this a new change? Will they also change all the other naming in Wikis and event quests?
  9. DeepTerminal

    Will the grid expand after Ch. 19?

    yes, i do remember when they expanded it from 12x12 to 13x13
  10. DeepTerminal

    Will the grid expand after Ch. 19?

    With Ch. 19, the entire 13x13 grid is now unlockable 6 starting expansions 55 research expansions 65 province expansions 43 premium expansions that's a total of 169. Will they expand the grid to 14x14?
  11. DeepTerminal

    Discussion 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    Besides the 3 blueprints for an old Panda Artifact recipe, is there a conversion recipe (2 new artifacts for an old one)?
  12. DeepTerminal

    Discussion 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    Can anyone comment on how good Training Dojo is for an end-game city? My elves city is at the end of Ch. 17 and I mostly use Archers (from the Barracks) as light range. Are Rangers significantly better? And is the production amount good enough?
  13. DeepTerminal

    Discussion Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    I considered this, and made a spreadsheet calculator to calculate the exact net gain of shrimps/keys/peals per hour when I'm awake and doing 15-min productions. Then I calculated how much overnight production I would lose by getting rid of the 3 large ships and building 4 small ones on 9hr...
  14. DeepTerminal

    Discussion Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    Sorry for necroing this post, but I have to complain about the absolute brutality of this Chapter. As many players have noted, the non-capped goods requirement (shrimps, keys, & pearls) are massive for and after the small ships techs. I originally decided to build 2 large ships and 3 small...
  15. DeepTerminal

    Lore text for Pilgrim's Manor Tree Entrance misspelled

    EDIT: both tree entrance and fountain entrance are misspelled. attracts
  16. DeepTerminal

    What troops should I train?

    I just finished Ch. 15, and in the process of leveling my newly-built Merc Camp and Training Grounds. Once I have all 3 running, which troops should I train for each? I know that for Elves, the Sorceress from Barracks is very weak, and I should get Blossom Mage from Merc Camp. I also heard that...
  17. DeepTerminal

    The Elvenar Chapter - Reducing Academies after building Atelier, Agriculture & Factory?

    Just want to double check: When you start Chapter 15 (The Elvenar), you should build as many Academies as possible (8 at most) to produce Ideas and Workforce. Once you unlock those 3 research that require Ideas and Workforce, is it okay to sell off some Academies to make space for Atelier...
  18. DeepTerminal

    where to find the best sources of mana

    https://www.elvenarchitect.com/buildings/compare/mana/ daily prizes in events are your best bet.
  19. DeepTerminal

    Are Traveling Merchants Completely Useless?

    Traveling Merchants don't benefit from relic boost and are completely useless compared to normal manufactories. Am I missing something? My level 27 planks factory with 760% production boost produces 3784 planks/3h and takes up 20 tiles. Not counting population, culture, and supplies, it...