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Search results

  1. Deborah M

    Cannot log on

    Several players that I know of in my FS cannot log on including me. It is giving message that user names are not recognized. I tried to open a new city to see if that was working. Nope. Cannot reach server. I also tried to open the game on mobile and it says something is missing. Note that it...
  2. Deborah M

    Blooming Trader Guild

    Since the new chapter is coming in probably 2 weeks, my thought was that I really should take a break on battle related AW and make some progress on Blooming Trader and Vortex of Storage. My Blooming Trader has been at level 30 for as long as I can remember so I usually don't give it much...
  3. Deborah M

    Favorite troops?

    I often read comments about 1 troop being great or another troop being lame. I personally am very lazy about battling at all and always use auto-fight. I make troops 24/7 and have all of the battle AWs at level 30 except for new Shrine of Champions. Yet I still run out of troops to go against x...
  4. Deborah M

    Big Cats looking for an active member.

    Preferably someone who has Marble, Crystal and/or Gems. We are heavy on Planks, Silk and Dust. We consistently reach 10 tournament chests even with only 90 points minimum. We consistently reach Silver Level 2 in the spire even with only 4 encounter minimum. We ranked 82 in the last Fellowship...
  5. Deborah M

    Elvenar on tablet?

    I almost always play Elvenar on my laptop. Problem is that I have a kind of big gaming laptop so I don't like it on my lap. I also use my iPhone for in between stuff but don't like it that small because my eyes aren't the greatest anymore. I'm wondering how well liked or disliked playing on a...
  6. Deborah M

    Friendly faces!

    Just in the first few seconds of the new video both Timon & Rike are in it. <3 Love seeing both of them! How I wish they could help Elvenar take a step back toward the game's roots.
  7. Deborah M

    % Sales?

    I have been waiting since the start of chapter 15 for a good % sale. I have every intention of buying diamonds for the last premium expansion. I have gotten zero good % sales in all this time and now I am even more determined to wait. Now I am hearing the same from other high ranking players...
  8. Deborah M

    Why push the tournament if it's going to crash the Fellowship Adventure?

    PLEASE DON'T! So no tournament because of the huge participation in the Fellowship Adventure. I'm sure that was an unforeseen result of players loving the new quest system o_O Today the Fellowship Adventure has actually been fun for me. I do like the planning and participating but hated the old...
  9. Deborah M

    Too much Event negativity!

    I'm starting with a true story. When my 3 kids were growing up we went to an amusement park every summer. After a long day of making sure we got to every ride I expected my kids to be happy & tired. After all, it was a great day. Nope. 2 would be as happy as I would have thought they would be...
  10. Deborah M

    Elvenar bonus event gifts

    I did not get my 100 Sun Flares event gift that come from Elvenar newsletter. Neither did a couple of family members. It made no sense :confused: It occurred to me that maybe verizon.net email was filtering them as junk before we even got the email in Outlook. As a bit of background, Verizon...
  11. Deborah M

    Thank you for the Birthday Unicorn

    I love the Birthday Unicorn :D Very pretty addition to the herd! I have them all and think they are a nice little touch in this game. I am confused though. I thought we recently had the 4th Birthday for the US servers and they were not the first. Am I remembering that incorrectly?
  12. Deborah M

    Game not loading

    Both my husband & our niece are getting "sorry an internal error occurred. Please try again later." when they try to open their game. All they can get on mobile is the something went wrong message. Oddly enough mine seems to be working fine. All 3 accounts are on both US5 & US2 servers...
  13. Deborah M

    Didn't get Tournament prizes

    This morning when I logged in I got the popup for flag being pulled & those 3 prizes for the FA and then popup for my 10 chest Tournament prizes. Went to check the Instants and nothing there :( Tried reloading. Tried restarting browser and restarting laptop. Nothing! So I'm missing Rune Shards...
  14. Deborah M

    Venom Drone Rider

    Time for me to decide whether to produce 5000 Venom Drone Riders for Amuni quest #59. What do players think of the Venom Drone Rider in Human cities? I'm thinking troops are not of equal value elves vs humans from what I have read here. I got feedback from a FS member who has an elf city but...
  15. Deborah M

    Amuni quests not working on mobile

    For the past couple of days Amuni quests have not been working on my iPhone. It started when I finished a quest and the next quest did not show up on mobile. I went to my PC, looked at it, went back on my iPhone and next quest was there. I have done this for multiple quests in the past couple of...
  16. Deborah M

    Wiki ???

    I really don't understand how Inno could just leave the wiki so messed up for this chapter. Who the heck is this "Forest" who updated it? First, I have been checking to see what the culture items for the Amuni look like since they were announced on Beta. They still have them listed but no pics...
  17. Deborah M

    Fellowship Adventure May

    Has anybody heard whether the Fellowship Adventure is coming today? I see that a bunch of players have set up for it including me. I think they usually start on Monday but since I haven't participated in at least the last couple I'm wondering if my memory is right. ps. Since I keep looking for...
  18. Deborah M

    3 times manufacturing

    I think this is one of the coolest surprises I've ever gotten in this game :D:D:D Perfect timing for me since I'm doing everything I can to get some of my inventory back to a workable level. THANK YOU INNO!