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Search results

  1. Aritra

    seeking laptop advice

    I have been using Apple MacBook Pro for fifteen years (not the same one, lol---current one is Retina, 15", mid-2015 model). Not interested in non-Mac. However, due to inability to afford/justify replacement cost, I am seriously considering a Windows system (ugh). Pros and cons. It'll be painful...
  2. Aritra

    question re: messaging auto delete

    I have seen that in-game (player-to-player) messages are automatically deleted by the system after sitting "too long." I wish I knew what that time limit was so I could preserve threads I want to keep by using them before they expire. Anybody know?
  3. Aritra

    Gem upgrade quantities

    (elves) Gems manufactory level 22 is putting out less than level 21 (not more). The upgrade tab also reflects this. Surely this is an error because outputs should always go up, right? Upgrade tab on level 21 (to level 22) shows 4431 --> 4778. Upgrade tab on level 22 (to level 23) shows 3185 -->...
  4. Aritra

    daily exclusives different worlds -Sorcerer's Homecoming

    Sorcerer's Homecoming I was really surprised to discover that my Arendyll city shows a supply windfall (50%) as today's daily exclusive. Then I went to my Winyandor city and it has a portal profit (10%) as the daily exclusive. I thought these were the same in every world on the same game day. Am...
  5. Aritra

    number punctuation

    I don't know anything about coding etc for autofill formula stuff but... is there a reason why we can't have a thousandth separator? When you get to six digits and beyond, it takes longer to determine the number you're actually looking at because you have to interpret it more consciously. For...
  6. Aritra

    genie awards

    Curious... Is there anywhere that lists all of what is possible from the genie? When I click on its info, it just references the randomness, but doesn't say what it could be. I often see the portal profit, supply windfall, and coin rain icons float away, but I don't know what percentages they...
  7. Aritra

    fairy queen event won't start

    The fairy queen event won't start. When you click on the box to receive the quest, it tells you "congratulations" you're done and collect rewards, of which there aren't any because no quests have been done. So.... this is off to a brilliant start. What do I do now? It was first time logging in...
  8. Aritra

    upgrade quest

    In my chapter nine city, I have all my residences at level 23 and I just got a quest to upgrade a residence to level 11 or higher. I realize it says "or higher," but being such a low level requirement, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate (triggered correctly in quest sequence). If it's legit...
  9. Aritra

    barracks queue quantity

    When training in the barracks, it is great that it shows the remaining time for the whole queue, but I think it would be great if it also gave the quantity of units in that queue. Yes, it isn't difficult to add them together, but having that running total of what is being acquired in the...
  10. Aritra

    thread for fellowship adventure?

    I'm posting here instead of Discussion because it's basically a question. My question is, what thread is supposed to be used for the upcoming FA info? Unless I'm confusing the circumstance, I thought it typical that someone (mod?) posted a thread once announced, declaring "all discussion here,"...
  11. Aritra

    Builder's Hut and Neighborly Help

    Scenario: Two (or more) neighborly helps applied to builder's hut, only one active build site Question: Is there a compound effect on the single build (the second help onto the first help), or is the second help basically wasted? Secondary question: Applying to same scenario above (and I'm...
  12. Aritra

    fellowship chat box

    I apologize if this has already been discussed. I didn't find anything when I did quick search... I would really like to see the fellowship chat boxes be oriented the same way between mobile and desktop. The conversation flows the opposite way from the other. It takes a moment (for me) to get...
  13. Aritra

    province difficulty trigger

    I believe I understand what triggers province difficulty levels to drop (but don't ask me to explain it), but what triggers it to go up (again)?
  14. Aritra


    This is about Elvenar, but it didn't seem appropriate for the General Discussion page... I had a bit of a time lag (three hour productions, alarm set for three hours, alarm goes off, buildings say ten minutes left) so I logged out and back in (probably happened when computer went to sleep and...
  15. Aritra

    Closed | Contact Support app crash

    I play most of the time on desktop and haven't had any issues. Over the last several days, I've been having the app crash on my phone (freezing briefing before closing itself). It was only today that it occurred to me that I recently installed the update (version 1.118) and the timeline fits. I...
  16. Aritra

    ribbons on instants and others

    In my inventory, the instants (and some of my summonings, too) have ribbons and these are different colors. Also, the dots on the ribbon vary in number. Does anyone know what these details are indicating, or if they are simply decorative? (I've been wondering for quite a while now, finally...
  17. Aritra

    Lounge, Likes, and Laughs

    Does anyone know why there's no "like" button in the lounge? I've said in thread a few times that I wish there was a laughing button or emoji; Many of you are hilarious and expression of appreciation deserves more than a like. But at least there is a like button. Why not in the lounge...
  18. Aritra

    Spire and inventory awareness

    When resolving Spire encounters on mobile, it shows me my current inventory of coins, supplies, and whatever goods are involved in that encounter's offering. On desktop, I can't find it show me that information. Am I missing something? Is there a way to track inventory while you're in the...
  19. Aritra

    quitting properly vs city abandonment

    Let me start by saying I'm not quitting. Recent discussions have triggered a question that I have so far been unable to locate the answer, hence, coming to you. It is well known that cities are [too often] abandoned and are a nuisance on the world map. It seems the the game wardens aren't...
  20. Aritra

    Ensorcelled Endowment

    Ensorcelled Endowment. I've read the description of this enchantment, but I don't really understand it. Since I'm not hurting for spell fragments, I'm looking for tips on the best ways to use them, maximize their benefit.