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Search results

  1. Cayesavegan

    Searching for companions to travel in our TARDIS

    We currently have 3 open spots and a couple inactives. We hit 9+ tournament chests now. We hit above Bronze level spire prizes but we're growing there too. Perks are Level 12. Looking for players with a 100K minimum score who are willing to grow their city and contribute to weekly tournament...
  2. Cayesavegan

    Reset Kp prices

    Bit annoying that all the events have 'buy x KP' quests but the prices continue to go up rather than reset. It would be nice if they reset like the trader. It gets pretty expensive after playing for years
  3. Cayesavegan

    Traveling together in the TARDIS

    TARDIS Travelers is still looking for marble, crystal, and gems players if anyone needs a fellowship. We're pretty chill. KP exchange threads, decent tournament (6 chests) and spire participation (1st high halls), fair trades, chatty, daily neighbor help. We currently have 12 active players; so...
  4. Cayesavegan

    New members gone inactive

    Bummer. We got a group of new members just for them to go inactive in the last couple weeks. Lost 2 active new ones probably due to the lack of participation. Currently hitting Bronze in Spire and 6-7 chests in the tournament. We'd love some players who will stick around. We really need some...
  5. Cayesavegan

    Hello 3 year member here

    For some reason the forum always has me listed as a New Member. My profile says I joined the forum 3 years ago. I've been playing the game longer but I'll introduce myself. ;) Hello. I'm Caye. My main account is on Winyandor but I also play on Fel and Khel. On Win, I have a fellowship named...
  6. Cayesavegan

    Is Winyandor dying?

    I started our fellowship, TARDIS Travelers, in November 2017. We have always had member fluctuation but this past year has been almost impossible to keep active players. Almost all the posts in the trader are for steel. There does seem to be a balance of goods anymore. I'm at the end of...
  7. Cayesavegan

    We need you!

    Fortunate Sons is recruiting and we could really use some players who want to trade and play the tournament. We've lost some of our active members and cut out the inactives. We're half full and could accept a small fellowship merge if anyone is interested. We reeeally need silk boosted players...
  8. Cayesavegan

    Anyone want to merge?

    Got a few players left in a dying guild? Merge with us! We could really use some players with marble, planks, silk, and gems. We are currently scoring at least 5 chests on the tournament but with some help we can get more. We take lower level players too but we could really use some established...
  9. Cayesavegan

    Everybody wants to rule the world

    Everyone seems to want to belong to a 10 chest tournament team but no one seems to want to help put one together. TARDIS Travelers on Winyandor currently has 7 openings. We are trying to be a tournament based team. Our team is made up of daily players who contribute to tournaments. We...
  10. Cayesavegan

    Active FS building tourney team

    TARDIS Travelers has 12 openings. We need help on the tournaments mostly. The majority of our players are active with daily visits and trades but only half play the tournament like asked (the rest go above & beyond to hit min 4 chests). Elven Stats says we could really use players with a score...
  11. Cayesavegan

    TARDIS Travelers recruiting!

    We currently have 23 members with 3 being marked as inactive by ElvenStats. We have been consistently getting 4 tournament chests with only about half participation. Inactives and those who are not helping with the tournaments will be purged. We would like to recruit ACTIVE players who intend on...
  12. Cayesavegan

    Scrolls needed

    TARDIS Travelers is recruiting on Winyandor! We have a few spots left to fill and we could really use some folks who have scrolls boosted. :steel::scroll::magicdust: We've been cutting all inactives so we have a fair group that doesn't care about holding a rank. Chat is calm but we'd welcome...
  13. Cayesavegan

    RECRUITING-Just Found ElvenStats

    I recently advertised in the forum for new members. We've had a handful of people join and become active in the tournaments and our fellowship chat. I started trimming out the inactive players as more active members join. Today I found ElvenStats for the first time. I know it's not really...
  14. Cayesavegan

    Several spots to fill

    :diamond: TARDIS Travelers is still looking for some weekly players. We only have 4 daily players left and a couple who pop on time to time. Very easy going fellowship that has been playing the game for YEARS. Looking for new players to trade with and play tournaments. This game is so much more...
  15. Cayesavegan

    Several spots to fill

  16. Cayesavegan

    TARDIS Travelers is recruiting!

    Currently seeking active players willing to visit at least a couple times a week. :D We are looking to make our fellowship more well-rounded; though, there's plenty of space, so all are welcome. If you are boosted in planks, marble, silk, scrolls, gems, or dust, we'd love you to join us in the...