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Search results

  1. Silvianar


    When is the next FA? I have a member who says one starts on Sept. 17 but find no information on it. Is there one or is it after the Autumn Quest?
  2. Silvianar

    Ancient World Abbreviations

    I know that Elvenar does not have abbreviations for their AWs but the players have come up with some we regularly use so I thought you might like them to possibly incorporate into the AWs. They are as follows: Tome of Secrets (TS or ToS) Golden Abyss (GA) Endless Excavation (EE) Needles of the...
  3. Silvianar

    Mystical Phoenix (Recruiting)

    We are looking for new players to join us. We have no crazy expectations. We want you to have fun but do have some basic rules. 1. Play as often as you can but at least a couple times a week visiting others and getting visits in return as this is profitable for all 2. Fair trades (2 or 3 star...
  4. Silvianar

    Winyandor: Unleashed FS

    We are looking for active players who are boosted in Steel & Scrolls, Prefered is a Score of at least 21,789 or higher but will consider lower active players. We ask you to do 3 visits to all member each week Also notify the ArchMage (Narva) or Mage (Silvianar) if you will be gone 4 or more days...
  5. Silvianar

    Visit Chests

    What is going on with the # of gifts in the chests you get for visiting your Fellows? I'm in 6 worlds and in Chapter 6 in four of them out of those 4 worlds two of them I get 2 gifts per visit chest. How do they determine how many gifts & does it go up in the higher chapters? In 1 of those...
  6. Silvianar

    Extended Leave

    I'm confused, my Internet was out for about 1 month and when I came back not only do I have to start 1 of my 3 worlds over they all say I've not joined a fellowship, I'm in Mystical Bayou in all three, that fellowship isn't even listed when I search. How can I get those back as my phone could...