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Search results

  1. Porcinus

    Help Long wait for battles

    Why does it take from 15 seconds to a minute for the system to prepare a battle? This happens in tournament, spire, and regular battles. One would think the system could pre-generate the possible configurations of terrain before the tournament starts, then choose one and randomly place the...
  2. Porcinus

    Help How does Spire fellowship points rewards work?

    I completed all the spire chests at one level of High Halls, stopped at the gate to the next one which was locked. I looked at the progress bar on the side that showed where our fellowship members were and saw a small green + button. I clicked that button, it said our fellowship had 50/50...
  3. Porcinus

    Artifacts to evolve Witch Hut

    I hung onto this building at level 8 for a year, hoping that next Halloween the witch hats would be available again but i see they arent :( Please consider adding a two-into-one crafting task like you have for bears or phoenixes, for the witch summoning circles and/or other artifacts so we can...
  4. Porcinus

    Closed | Contact Support event quest bug

    quest said Gain Combining Catalyst Spells (0/1) so i got 3 Combining Catalysts in the Spire but the quest didnt see it.
  5. Porcinus

    Cultural buildings

    Please consider upping the culture density of the constructable buildings. Currently they are far below what we can get from events and from the Magic Academy, and they are only required for some quests after which they get sold off. Not sure why the previous topic on this was archived as it is...
  6. Porcinus

    training grounds - enhancement - art

    Please change the training grounds animation to display the currently training unit instead of always showing the Dogs of War. This is obviously a cosmetic enhancement but i think it would add some flavour, especially for players liek me who love to zoom in and see their beautiful city's...
  7. Porcinus

    Summoning upgradable building

    When i craft a building as a Summoning, and then hold onto that spell until next chapter and cast it then, will the building be summoned at the new chapter level? I ask because troop Summonings give you a number of units based on your current Squad size.
  8. Porcinus

    Building sets or themed buildings

    Which building sets are still available to collect them all? Is there any bonus fo doing so? I love the look of the Moonstone set, for example. Also, some buildings seem to be themed, such as Orc or Vallorian. Is there any synergy to collecting different types of each?
  9. Porcinus

    Hello Just what i needed!

    ... a fun, positive and happy world to play in. Thanks for making this place, and i am sorry it took me so long to stop ignoring the Elvenar ads :p I'm in Canada working reduced hours due to the pandemic. It is nice to have a way to relax casually, without risk.
  10. Porcinus

    25 Characters - 1 spots

    Do you have a life? We do too! Casual friendly fellowship seeks several new members, any level. Requirements: be active at least once a month. We actively trade with each other and usually get at least 4 tournament chests. (Note: this post will be updated so the title shows the number of spots...