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Search results

  1. KonTiki

    Isle of Primes, 10++chest, gold spire, US2 Winynador

    Winynador, US2, ISLE OF PRIMES: We are a 10++ chest, Gold Spire, group, and we like the FA on occasion. If you are friendly, active, and looking for a great group of players, check us out. Contact Archmage (KonTiki). We also have vacation spots if you need to take a break on occasion...
  2. KonTiki

    New Game Features Summonings Inventory: Search or Sort

    Would absolutely love to be able to sort or search the summonings inventory. It has become increasingly more onerous task to look for buildings that have been stored. Thank you.
  3. KonTiki

    Isle of Primes, Isle of Promise recruiting competitive players

    The ISLES are looking for friendly & experienced players who like the competition (gold spire and 10+chests). The ISLE OF PRIMES and the ISLE OF PROMISE both require frequent visits (daily preferred), and a weekly minimum of 1600 tourney and top of spire performance. We also like the fellowship...
  4. KonTiki

    Isles of Elvenar RECRUITING

    Isle of the Chosen Mucks -- Winynador US2: Looking for active players. We are a casual play, friendly and fairly laid back group, and looking to break the 10-chest barrier with your help. Spire not required. Contact archmage DukeMoonWolf or mage Twelfen. The Isles of Elvenar is an alliance of...
  5. KonTiki

    Squad Size on Mobile -- where is it?

    How do you determine your "squad size" on mobile. It's directly reported on pc under the barracks, merc camp or training grounds. But don't see it on mobile version??
  6. KonTiki

    The Isles are looking for Youuuuu!

    Winyandor US2, Isle of Promise (new group) is recruiting for 10-chest fellowship. See archmage LC02. The Isles are Calling!!!
  7. KonTiki

    What, exactly, is the tournament formula? It's got to be here somewhere but I cannot find it???

    What exactly is the tournament formula? It's got to be somewhere but I cannot find it???
  8. KonTiki

    Isle of Primes 10-chest/spire needs 2 players

    Looking for 2 tourney/spire players. We are a fun & friendly group that loves to play the game. Contact KonTiki in game for inquiries.
  9. KonTiki

    Isle of Primes US2: 10-chest tourney, spire, fa

    10-chest tourney, spire, fa: Looking for 2 active players
  10. KonTiki

    Bug RR upgrade Vallorian Valor from S&D chapter

    This 3x3 building produces 128/7 vallorian valors (= 18.3 / hr) -- earned in S&D chapter With update, it will produce 162/9 vallorian valors (= 18.0 / hr) Looks like I am losing 0.3-ish fighters per hr with the upgrade? This must be a bug as this same building from another chapter does...
  11. KonTiki

    Isle of Primes, Winynader US2

  12. KonTiki

    Tourney Players needed (scrolls, dust preferred)

    Friendly and no drama. Required: 1000 tourney points weekly minimum. Highly suggested: Frequent visits, active KP swap. Totally optional: Adventures, chat, help with growth, help with trades. We've taken 10 chests every week for the last 6 months.
  13. KonTiki

    Isle of Legends

    Winyandor, US2, openings for 2 active players.
  14. KonTiki

    Isle of Primes Recruiting

    10-chest tourney group, recently lost 2 players to RL Minimum 1,000 tourney points weekly All else is optional (AW KP swaps, FA, chat ...) Contact KonTiki in-game
  15. KonTiki

    Notifications-split visits and trades

    Consider 2 notification boards, one for visits and one for trades. High-volume traders lose record of visitors ... both notification are important.
  16. KonTiki

    Tonganaut Recruiting: Rated #24

    TONGANAUT 2 NOW RECRUITING IN WINYANDOR. This could be your new home if you are an: 1) active player ; 2) marble or steel boosted; 3) low to medium level; and 4) interested in developing your city and style of play in a congenial atmosphere. Tonganaut 2 is the training ground for admission to...
  17. KonTiki

    Star Friends Recruiting

    NOW RECRUITING: In the land of KHELONAAR, the Fellowship called STAR FRIENDS wants to recruit a few active elves or humans. Level is not important ... even a newly started city is okay ... as long as you will be an active player (i.e., 3 or more times a week) by visiting and trading with the...
  18. KonTiki

    Tonganaut (rank 29) in Winyander Seeking a few good players!

    Tonganaut is a friendly group of active players seeking one or two advanced humans or elves to round out our team. We are also looking for players at any level who are active (at least 4-5 times per wk), want to grow, and are consistent traders and visitors. We especially need players with one...
  19. KonTiki

    wiki link broken

    it seems the wiki link from our game page is broken. We can access wiki by doing a google search on elvenar wiki ... but cannot access from link in our game. This is reported by several members in our FS.