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Search results

  1. Sir Squirrel

    LIVE Contest Elvenar Recipe Contest!

    Congrats to all that gave it their best shot and to all the winners that were selected!
  2. Sir Squirrel


    I do enjoy reading most of your ideas on most post AJ, but I just can't understand your fixation on this subject and won't be reading them anymore, Sorry. This subject has been beaten to death. The dev's are not going to change the star system as they believe it is working just fine, but go...
  3. Sir Squirrel


    But it has been discussed over and over again and you have got a few warnings over this discussion if I am not mistaken.
  4. Sir Squirrel

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Ok @Darielle , Is this what you wanted? Signature https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?attachments/dariellesig02-jpg.12930/
  5. Sir Squirrel


    Don't, just please don't, poke the bear! :rolleyes:
  6. Sir Squirrel

    New Game Features Compressor

    I think if you do what tourney you can, you will find that your getting lots of relics so I can't really see the need for this except for very new players or players not in a fellowship that don't have access to the tourney. It would not be needed after you get to around chapter 6 or 7 as you...
  7. Sir Squirrel


    I just wanted to add that if you are in contact with the player/players whos wonders are locked, you could maybe explain what is happening and see if they would/could spend some of their AWKP's on some wonders to help get them unlocked so you could add some more? If you are friends with them I...
  8. Sir Squirrel

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Yeah I can do that for you Darielle.
  9. Sir Squirrel

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Your welcome Astram. Glad you like it!!
  10. Sir Squirrel

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Hey @Astram , what about this. Signature https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?attachments/astramsig01-jpg.12895/ Click the link below to get to my help post on hooking up avatars and signatures with pictures to help you...
  11. Sir Squirrel

    Welcome to Astram

    Welcome Astram, glad to have you helping in the forums!! Helya can use the help I am sure.
  12. Sir Squirrel

    City Magic houses

    I would just sell or teleport one of my regular residences to make space for the magic one. If I am buying it I would want to use it right away anyway.
  13. Sir Squirrel

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Ok @RobinSr ,what about these. Avatar Signature https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?attachments/robinsrsig01-jpg.12808/ Click the link below to get to my help post on hooking up avatars and signatures with pictures to help you...
  14. Sir Squirrel

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Sorry will try to get to it today Robin.
  15. Sir Squirrel

    Event Bonus offers - Uneven distribution

    lol I don't think the CM of Tonga has the powerful "Screech" of the banshee's on there side, like our CM does. (she is the best). :eek: As far as I am concerned, I could care less what targeting makes them more money. It is about the overall fairness of it to me. If there are deals going around...
  16. Sir Squirrel

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Yes I can. As Sami mentioned some ideas are always helpful for me to make a signature that you will like.
  17. Sir Squirrel

    Elvenar for Kids

    Lol. I am happy you gave me a place in your civilization to create some good culture for your country!! You might want to add Helya's chocolate shop so we can all get a sugar rush to help speed up research and sig creation! You could also add a think tank to help come up with idea's to get...
  18. Sir Squirrel

    Complete May Diamond giveaway

    Congrats to the winners!! Now to try and memorize the names so I can remember them when needed! lol Great story BTW @Darielle !!
  19. Sir Squirrel

    Not a Bug tomb of the phoenixes

    Yeah I would have thought they would have wanted my money, but obviously they are happy with what they are getting. There is a lot more ways they could be making money off this game that they don't seem interested in. For example : a store opened all the time to buy artifacts, pet food, troop...
  20. Sir Squirrel

    Hello Greetings

    Hello Draegan and welcome to the forums!