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Search results

  1. Daiman Rahl

    macnsteins is looking for two players

    We are looking for two active members. Ideal score would be around 12000 and boosts in Silk,Scrolls, or Dust. We are a relaxed bunch that play almost everyday. You can check us out on Elvenstats.com
  2. Daiman Rahl

    Cannot pickup goods on Workshops

    Anyone else having troubles on US8. I'm trying to collect on my workshops and they will not take. if you click on them they are at 0 seconds. I've cleared the cache and reloaded twice but still no good. Funny i could pick up goods for three of ten.
  3. Daiman Rahl

    Scouting - overscouting.

    Would like some advice on scouting. I've now read comments to not overscout and others to not worry about it. What is the most popular advice on this topic. Right now I'm just finishing up the dwarves and I am 9 provinces out and have already scouted 199 provinces. is there such a thing as way...
  4. Daiman Rahl

    Rotation of the board.

    Something I would like to see is the ability to rotate the board and see all those empty spaces and points that are just too difficult to reach on a stationary surface.