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Search results

  1. zalfenior

    Discussion update v1.147

    Lots of great changes! Even removed my biggest frustration with the FA.
  2. zalfenior

    Crafting recipe list?

    Much appreciated all! I think a list may be a handy resource for players.
  3. zalfenior

    Log4j vulnerability

    I don't think it uses Java, but I can't say for sure unless I was a dev. Either way, they are not likely to say so on a public forum until said patch is released.
  4. zalfenior

    Crafting recipe list?

    Is there a place where we can see the current list of Crafting Recipes that you can find in the Magic academy? I understand if its supposed to be a surprise and all, but I just moved to another chapter and want to see if its safe to delete my Moonstone library buildings to get the new versions...
  5. zalfenior

    Rank Evolving buildings

    Not to be pedantic, but the Pilgrim's manor isn't an evolving building, but a set building. That said, if you have it, its worth the space, producing around 2 manufactories worth of goods, while giving you pop, culture and later on a ton of mana. 10/10 set building by far.
  6. zalfenior

    Rank Evolving buildings

    Polar bear is great! If you need orcs, then the witch hut is also very nice. The fire phoenix is not one that I have but its extremely popular. I do have the ashen phoenix and moon bear who have their uses for events and sentient goods respectively. I also use the Triumph of the tides to make...
  7. zalfenior

    ElvenarRaiders is recruiting and/or merging!

    If you are looking for spire and tourney rewards but don't want to dedicate your life to the game, have a look at us! We are firm believers in "life > game", so if life gets in the way and you need to vanish for a bit, let us know and its no issue. As of right now we have 11 slots open, do 5-6...
  8. zalfenior

    Semi-Casual Player Seeking New Fellowship

    I was going to try to recruit you too but theres no way I'm beating that! Good luck with your new FS!
  9. zalfenior

    Set Bonuses for Event Buildings

    It may be tricky to balance, but I wouldnt mind seeing event buildings getting added to a few new sets. Plus it would ease up the pressure to get several of one because you would likely get more bang for your buck with one or a few of a "set".
  10. zalfenior

    Spell Fragment Building

    Event daily building would be good, especially if that building recurred regularly so that people who arent available/playing during that event can still get it. Also, no issue with the moonstone library becoming a spire prize even though I regained mine during the crafting window earlier this year.
  11. zalfenior

    "I Love THIS"

    I like how in the story the player seems to be an expert at making people get along. Its nice to see a game where problems are solved by community and mutual aid instead of warfare and bloodshed
  12. zalfenior

    ElvenarRaiders seeks active members to raid Tourneys and the Spire

    Good day all! We are currently seeking people who are trading goods, KP, neighborly help and overall are here to have fun. We have successfully pushed to 7 chests in the latest Tourney, nearly completed the last FA, and are working on improving performance in the spire. Needless to say, we need...
  13. zalfenior

    Why do YOU participate in the tournament?

    Its mostly for the rewards, but I enjoy helping my team get ahead too. The knowledge points alone are more than worth it, but add in the runes/shards/spells and relics from just playing and the royal restorations, KP instants and blueprints and its a sweet deal all around.
  14. zalfenior

    Looking for fellow ship as a team member

    ElvenarRaiders is looking for active members at the moment, trying to push our way closer to the top, while still recognizing that this is a game. If you are looking for a casual fellowship that still strives to get rewards, let us know! Contact either Quantock or myself for more info.
  15. zalfenior

    Who Actually Does Guest Race Missions?

    Personally I like them. Only in Halflings but the characters are enjoyable if a little two dimensional, and you get a diamond reward at the end of each chapter. 200 diamonds = about $2 USD but still between those and the spire I have a fully upgraded MA and a few premium expansions. Working on...
  16. zalfenior

    ElvenarRaiders seeking active members

    Good day all, We are seeking active members for a casual fellowship. We participate in trading, AW swapping (optional but recommended, and the spire and tourneys. We want dependable and active members who will grow their cities and work with us to achieve greater rewards. That being said, real...
  17. zalfenior

    Hello Hello all!

    I look forward to partaking in discussions with you all. :)