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Search results

  1. SilverbugLuxor

    Chapter 16

  2. SilverbugLuxor

    Chapter 16

    Is there a site for this chapter? I found events list but not a buildings upgrade walk through.
  3. SilverbugLuxor

    We have been looking for you if....

    Active players with large cities looking to grow and play group events. 12+ chests in weekly tournys. 6th Place in FA is our record. Please read and agree to these rules to join our team. 90 day probation period for new fellows. If you are not participating / communicating / meeting minimums...
  4. SilverbugLuxor

    Spire points?

    So when is the best time to use perks?
  5. SilverbugLuxor

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Any news on which map we will be using? I would like to get spreadsheet started.
  6. SilverbugLuxor

    Discussion Fellowship Progression Feature

    let's say you choose knowledge-sharing perk how many days is that go on for
  7. SilverbugLuxor

    Discussion 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    Is there a link to the quest?
  8. SilverbugLuxor

    utopia springs seeking active players

    We are looking for a tournament player boosted in steel , crystal and or gems a combination of 2 preferred plz
  9. SilverbugLuxor

    news from the pony express?

    Anyone know Version of the adventure map?
  10. SilverbugLuxor

    Sentient goods questions

    Will I lose goods inventory if I teleport?
  11. SilverbugLuxor

    Sentient goods questions

    Chapter XV, maybe teleport is best
  12. SilverbugLuxor

    Sentient goods questions

    due to recent hospitalization and surgery I find it difficult to play more than twice a day everything has decayed as I was in the hospital over one month. my question is should I just build my main top silly soap tear down my other two Sentient and build up two more soap and then trade down for...
  13. SilverbugLuxor

    Elvenar chapter how many Settlements buildings?

    I think figured out that I will need them to produce Living painting, sculptures etc...
  14. SilverbugLuxor

    Elvenar chapter how many Settlements buildings?

    I don't see that I need ideas, Workforce people or any deep study mass instructions in the Academy's after building the factory of elvenar?
  15. SilverbugLuxor

    How is there a limit to province expansions?

    How is there a limit to province expansions? Why do they end at 525?
  16. SilverbugLuxor

    Elvenar chapter how many Settlements buildings?

    Is there and link somewhere?
  17. SilverbugLuxor

    New Fellowship Adventure

    found it thank you
  18. SilverbugLuxor

    Looking for active players for SilverJazz - Recruiting

    Please read our overview and we'd love to have you if you agree. :cool: Just search for SilverJazz - Recruiting