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Search results

  1. Daiman Rahl

    Culture points

    Good day Brin and welcome to the game and Forum. just wondering if someone has mentioned Elvengems.com to you yet. There you will find a wealth of information on the game and some video's on fighting as well, Enjoy the read. Once again welcome!!
  2. Daiman Rahl

    Hello Hello!

    Ask any questions you like, you'll get a ton of info here as well.
  3. Daiman Rahl

    Hello New to forums

    Welcome to the Forum and the game we hope you'll enjoy it. May I suggest some reading to help you with the game. Try Elvengem.com There is tons of info on the game, and how to play. Plus info on the events when they occur. Once again Welcome, Enjoy, and have Fun!!
  4. Daiman Rahl

    Hello Hello!

    Welcome to the game Astarea, we hope you enjoy it here. May I suggest you read up on the game at the following website for info on the game and start up strategies. Elvengems.com There you will find everything there is to know about the game. and when events roll around you will find the site...
  5. Daiman Rahl

    Druindar Farics Sigs and Avitars

    Can you lighten up the background colour a bit. I cannot make out what is on the right side. Thanks other then that it looks good
  6. Daiman Rahl

    log in usa

    been back up and running for over an hour now.
  7. Daiman Rahl

    log in usa

    More Server Errors this morning!!
  8. Daiman Rahl

    macnsteins is looking for two players

    We are looking for two active members. Ideal score would be around 12000 and boosts in Silk,Scrolls, or Dust. We are a relaxed bunch that play almost everyday. You can check us out on Elvenstats.com
  9. Daiman Rahl

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    No rush, we have lots of time!!
  10. Daiman Rahl

    Hello Salutations!

    Check out my post under greetings for both of you. It might help you some more.
  11. Daiman Rahl

    Hello Greetings!

    Welcome to both of you, Hope you both enjoy the game. Feel free to ask all the questions you want, we'll respond!! If I may suggest for both of you some reading on the game. Elvengems.com is full of info and startup details Also full of lots of info on events too.
  12. Daiman Rahl

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Sorry Squirrel. posted in wrong area first. What have you got in mind. I like swords, animals, demons and dark colours. Hope that is enough to work with. Almost forgot loved D&D and role playing games
  13. Daiman Rahl

    Hello A Late Hello

    Hello Henroo, I already know you enjoy the forum! Keep asking and we'll keep replying.
  14. Daiman Rahl

    Noobie looking for a mentoring FS

    Welcome to the game. Sorry not on your world but I can give you a bunch of advice. First check out Elvengems.com this site is for the game and has tons of info and tips. Once you hear from some fellowships. Check them out at Elvenstats.com Enter the Fellowship name and you'll see the current...
  15. Daiman Rahl


    Welcome to the game, and I hope you enjoy it. For a ton of info on the game may I suggest Elvengem.com It is devoted to this game and full of info and tips. Also check out Elvenstats.com about the fellowships you might join. Look for fellowships with none or a few triangles beside names. These...
  16. Daiman Rahl

    New account looking for fellowship

    Welcome to the forum, good luck in finding a fellowship!!
  17. Daiman Rahl

    Hello just starting

    Welcome Sneedville to the forum. hope you enjoy the game and use the knowledge available here. Have fun!!
  18. Daiman Rahl

    Discussion The May Celebration Event Discussion

    Man do I love reading the banter that goes on between people on the forum. Oh so many views on a topic.
  19. Daiman Rahl

    Druindar Farics Sigs and Avitars

    Nice work, keep it up. I enjoy the pictures.
  20. Daiman Rahl

    Hello Greetings!

    Welcome Vysanthea. Enjoy the game, and have fun, take the advice we will pour into you and build YOUR city. again enjoy.