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Search results

  1. Sir Bently


    Graywolf Village is seeking new and older players alike so if you are looking for a new fellowship to join Graywolf Village would be glad to have you as part of the team Graywolf is a no pressure fellowship and a active fellowship so come check us out
  2. Sir Bently

    Graywolf Village ( Recruiting )

    Graywolf Village is recruiting ! Started new fellowship and I am recruiting new members old and new alike come join Graywolf Village and start on the ground floor and let's build our cities together A Wolf will fight to defend itself but when a pack of wolves come together as one they are a...
  3. Sir Bently


    Lioness of Judah is recruiting active players new and old alike , we are just getting started so if you want to get in on the ground floor so to speak then come and join us on this journey together we can grow and build our cities together Lions are strong and courageous they fear nothing but...
  4. Sir Bently


    Sir Bently here I am looking for a active fellowship that likes to chat and communicate and does a lot of trading and will absolutely help their teammates. To me if you say that you're fellowship is active friendly and helpful then be that just don't say it do it ! I am active I play everyday...
  5. Sir Bently

    Spending Coins

    I have an idea I would like to bring it before everyone in the forum and see how everyone thinks about it So here it goes instead of spending real money why not spend the coins that we collect in our cities on different things like Diamonds special buildings witches hut moon bear special deals...
  6. Sir Bently

    Join Active Fellowship

    Sir Bently here I am currently in Fangs and Fire but im looking for a more active fellowship , at this present time I am a level 3 about to be level 4 I like to chat and get to know the members of the team; to communication is important and needful with that saying I am looking for a more...
  7. Sir Bently


    Sir Squirrel made me an avatar and I think it looks awesome thanks Sir Squirrel
  8. Sir Bently


    Ok I am in chapter 3 I would like to know is it worth upgrading the Barack's to train more troops or just leave it the Barack's at the level it is now or does make a difference ?
  9. Sir Bently


    Why is it there are a lot of cities in Khelonaar that aren't in fellowships or players can anyone answer that ? Just curious !
  10. Sir Bently

    SCHWARZER WALD Recuriting

    Schwarzer Wald is recruiting active players We have room for players that are active and enjoy playing Elvenar so if you are active and enjoy playing come join us and be a part of the team we would be glad to have you as part of the team and grow with us You can join directly Sir Bently Archmage
  11. Sir Bently

    Hello Im back

    Hello everyone ! Sir Bently here, I was formally known as Sir Mackintosh but I stopped playing for a while but now im back and it's good to be back in the forum I just wanted to say hello to Darielle. Darielle you have been a great help to me and a great asset to the forum , so with im saying...