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Search results

  1. Sir Squirrel

    Not a Bug tomb of the phoenixes

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I wanted to get a tomb of the phoenixes from crafting (for the ashen phoenix artifact) and I didn't have any extra twilight artifacts left (it needs 2 of them and spell fragments to craft). I thought I would be able to use diamonds to get it in place of the...
  2. Sir Squirrel

    Help How to move your sets and moonstone buildings without getting the popup it still resets them sorry, I was wrong about the timer reset.

    Some may have figured this out already, but if you remove a road tile ( or road tiles) to break the connection to the main hall the set buildings (and any other building that resets when moved) will get the no road sign on them and can be move around without getting the popup but it will still...
  3. Sir Squirrel

    Wrong graphic on Mermaids Paradise artifacts

    The Mermaid Paradise Artifacts are showing up as Stone Hedge artifacts both in the reward window in the Spire when you win it and in inventory after you receive it.
  4. Sir Squirrel

    Free halloween signature sale!!! Hurry the price goes up at midnight!

    Hey guys and gals, LadyxChaos and myself have made some Halloween signatures for anyone that wants one! Get them while there hot! Here are a couple that I through together You can find the ones LadyxChaos has done in her thread here (she does amazing work, go have a look!!)...
  5. Sir Squirrel

    Make a victory popup box for completing the third boss in the spire.

    Make a victory popup box for completing the third boss in the spire. I figure something like this Edited to add that offering a Spire Hero avatar for completing the spire would also be a great suggestion that the devs could add! Something like this but better!
  6. Sir Squirrel

    Event tip of the day - Magic Academy backdoor

    I found this helpful if you are waiting for a certain number of spells to complete, but need to get into the crafting tab of the magic academy without collecting your already made spells. First open your inventory then click the disenchant button then the crafting button now you are on...
  7. Sir Squirrel

    No warning box for portal profit instants

    There is no warning box when disenchanting portal profit instants. Like there is for the rain coin instants. Not sure about the other instants as I have not tried to disenchant them yet! I will post back if I find any others that don't have a warning box! Edit : 15 min time instants don't...
  8. Sir Squirrel

    Help How to add a Signature and an Avatar. (explained with pictures)

    Edited to reflect the changes made to the forum and how too setup an Avatar and Signature after the update to the forum. (as of January 23, 2020.) Hello everyone, I spend a fair bit of time telling members how to add an Avatar and Signature to there profile so I wanted to explain it here with...
  9. Sir Squirrel

    Daily Addictions have some spots to fill.

    Hello, Daily Addictions is looking for friendly active players to join our group. We are helpful and welcome new players and longtime players as well. Our rules are simple, we ask that you try to visit the other members 3 or 4 times a week (more is welcomed) and let us know if you are going to...
  10. Sir Squirrel

    What game mechanics need to be explained better ingame?

    Hey everyone I have started this thread to get every ones opinions of what things in game need better explanation in game. I know there are tons of things and would like this to be a place for everyone to add any things that need to be better explained in game. I would say for starters how to...
  11. Sir Squirrel

    Wiki wonder portraits wrong

    The wiki says the Maze of the dark matter wonder gives the dragon avatar and the Dragon Abbey wonder gives the sorcerer avatar. This is not correct, it is the other way around. The Maze of the dark matter wonder gives the sorcerer avatar and the Dragon Abbey gives the Dragon avatar.
  12. Sir Squirrel

    Can't add just one or two badges

    I can't add just one or two badges to a way point if I have more then that in stock and more are needed to complete the badge, it keeps changing it to the max. needed to complete the badge. Another member wants to add a badge to the way point, but it isn't ready yet, so I want to only add one...
  13. Sir Squirrel

    Server down

    Can't log in to Arendyll, US0 server!
  14. Sir Squirrel

    You know settlement buildings take too long to get when...

    Theme Classic Arcade Games Click the Spoilers to see the pictures!! PONG Breakout Asteroids Space Invaders Donkey Kong
  15. Sir Squirrel

    Daily Addictions Fellowship looking for crystal boosted player

    Hello, my fellowship is looking for a silk boosted player. Visits 4 or 5 times a week is expected but not really enforced. We are a friendly and helpful fellowship and welcome newer players as well as more advanced ones. If you think you would be a good fit, either post here or message me in...
  16. Sir Squirrel

    Time for buildings to get smaller

    I would like to discuss a suggestion that will never be implemented (as it would seem this part of the forum is for). I think that for the next chapter the race should give us magical buildings that get smaller when upgraded (instead of bigger), but still give us more population, goods, and...
  17. Sir Squirrel

    Invisible city on visits

    Hello all, just wanting to say that by turning down the games City Graphic Quality to low in the options (Bottom right, big gear, little gear) before visiting will help with the invisible city glitch and will help with the game going white screen on you as well! Just remember to turn it back up...