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  1. Discussion Tournament Changes

    I have been gone a while but has anything changed? I was one of those players with a freekish build hitting 450k on a city that was not even out of Sorcerers and Dragons that got totally wrecked by the changes. I do understand they are a for profit company and its in their financial interest to...
  2. #1 Player on Harandar is leaving(for now, or forever)

    The issue is behind balance in games like this players spend months and years tailoring their citys to take advantage of the game state. When Inno decides to change the way the game functions and invalidate all that time (and money) players have spent to cater to a different play style its not...
  3. #1 Player on Harandar is leaving(for now, or forever)

    I left this game after they did the tournament changes and poke my head in every once in a while just to see if things changed. I honestly feel that the changes in the game are a result in a culture shift within the company to favor player growth over player loyalty for monetization. This...
  4. Discussion Tournament Changes

    I can confirm that the big 50%/100%/200% deals are based on time sense spending. Back when I played I realized that pretty quickly and use to spend big but rarely. Kinda poked my head in to see if anything changed. Doesn't look like it has. Quit playing months ago after they destroyed any...
  5. Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    So I stepped back and took some time to come up with some concrete numbers with the intention of presenting some mathematical issues for a second post given my first mainly covered feedback and data is also a big part. This was my journey as a player in your game: I started this game after...
  6. Discussion Tournament Changes

    @Nightguest @helya Im a really laid back person and from reading between the lines I really think there is some current struggle between suits with some erroneous business degrees and content creators with a bit of a hole dug from the game structure but I would genuinely like an answer to this...
  7. Discussion Tournament Changes

    I kind of wonder how conversations are going between the developers and the suits right now. I think I am going to have to walk away soon as well.
  8. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    Yes. I have not opened the Halflings chest and have finished all Chapter 10 techs. No. It appears I grabbed that stat from Elvenstats without refreshing my information. 140 would be the correct number for the information I provided at that time. I have not grown sense then. I have actually ran...
  9. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    My city is quite abnormal so I figure the stats may be worth a look. Spire 10 / 21 / 427 / 163 / 1626 (Assuming SS means squad size) / 139 [40 research : 39 (Or max premium if its above that)] / Everything up to the end of Chapter 10 => 1677 / 745 (On very first spire encounter) [October 25...
  10. Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    Positives: Tournament is more approachable for newer players (although maybe taken too far with new accounts always maxing out every province they have access to) 1 encounter instead of 4 is a nice quality of life improvement. It now takes a minimum of 11 clicks to auto fight a province level...
  11. Discussion Tournament Changes

    @Nightguest Can you say if there has been any conversation about increasing rewards in ratio to the increased cost/difficulty for the tournaments? I suspect that if rewards were simply increased in such a way nobody would take issue with the changes.
  12. Discussion Tournament Changes

    Now that some level of communication is open it would be nice if as a community we can be respectful to Nightguest and Helya. They are legitimately going above and beyond to create the feedback we have wanted.
  13. Suggestion to communicate with the community

    Thank you. I am sure any feedback you can provide is a very positive change from what we have had so far. I am sure many players are looking forward to hear from you.
  14. Discussion Tournament Changes

    Might have a response incoming : )
  15. Suggestion to communicate with the community

    I do appreciate your response. I think the most significant thing on everyone's mind right now is if the recent tournament changes are permanent or if Inno games is considering some level of rework given the feedback in this thread...
  16. Discussion Tournament Changes

    Maybe we should all just make suggestion tickets and see if that works better? I have high hopes for the one I created https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/suggestion-to-communicate-with-the-community.25543/ : P
  17. Discussion Tournament Changes

    Right now one of my issues is the lack of feedback from Innogames. Theres massive negative feedback to some aspects of the changes and players are quitting and selling their AW's. What was once a peaceful and relaxing environment now feels hostile and even in this thread you can see people...
  18. Discussion Tournament Changes

    If you think about it thats not always true. Last gems tournament I hit over 15k using only mages. With the new system every AW that boosts units other than mages would have also had a negative effect because they would be buffing units I didn't use in the fight while also buffing the enemy army.
  19. Discussion Tournament Changes

    So I have been thinking about the AW buffing the enemy army a bit more and it kinda invalidates the use of AW's completely for Tournament / Spire players. So a lvl 20 Sanctuary provides a 21% health boost. But this does not increase fighting power by 21%. Health has been projected to boost auto...