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Search results

  1. Closed | Contact Support City Expansion

    I havent had a problem till now but this is bs, I completed the research for a city expansion but I cant use it
  2. Closed | Contact Support City Expansion

    It is definitelty a glitch
  3. Closed | Contact Support City Expansion

    I have more than enough coins
  4. Closed | Contact Support City Expansion

    I completed a city expansion but I cant use it
  5. Production times

    Why cant a manufactory have 6 different times like workshops?
  6. News City movement

    I understand what you are saying but I would have to get members from way outside My circle.
  7. News City movement

    I guess I should have thought about it earlier and not took the tips for granted about not building non boosted good manufactories and use the trader
  8. One Word Reply Game

  9. News City movement

  10. News City movement

    I know this is an old topic and I havent been playing as long as most of you but the move wasnt all that great even though I didnt really know anyone before it happened. What it did was make it impossible to trade for certain items. Very rarely or ever is anyone trading for one certain good...
  11. Hello Hello Everyone

    Welcome and have fun playing
  12. Discussion Fellowship Progression Feature

    Thanks Dave I finally figured that out so single player Fellowships shouldn't bank on using perks
  13. Hello Been playing a while but just joined the forum

    Thanks everyone for the great greetings
  14. Discussion Fellowship Progression Feature

    Never mind I get it I wasnt reading it right. the perks dont start until you are at level one and like you said a Fellowship of 1 will probably never reach that. Well it is still a great idea for all the other Fellowships. Thanks for the reply Deborah M.
  15. Discussion Fellowship Progression Feature

    I havent seen anything that tells you how to activate a perk, do you have to be at level one?
  16. Hello Been playing a while but just joined the forum

    Good day and hello to all the fellow gamers out there. I have been playing a few months now and am enjoying the game a lot. Trying to see how far I can go without spending any money. Anyone else playing that way? Still trying to figure out somethings like the new Fellowship perks but that's...
  17. Discussion Fellowship Progression Feature

    So why dont i ever see anything stored in my perks from the spire or the tournaments? Do I have to do something, it doesnt really say
  18. Discussion Fellowship Progression Feature

    SO how many members does your Fellowship have to have for this to work?
  19. Fellowship Perks

    How do I get the perks to save my unused progress.....I have participated in torunament and spire events but nothing that wasnt used gets saved.