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Search results

  1. turfboss

    Starting Sentient goods production

    How does one start sentient goods production - I am well into chapter 12 - and have upgraded my steel factories for level 24 - production says they should be producing sentient goods - and it looks like they are ready to but they are not - I am only getting regular goods production. My...
  2. turfboss

    Help Phoenix Fire Damage %

    can someone confirm for me that the damage provided by the Fire Phoenix (i'mcurrent at 40%) is calculated based on the damage levels I have already attained for various troop types - for example my Dragon Abby (at current level) provides a 109% damage value for my Mage units - so since the birds...
  3. turfboss

    Keepers of Light looking for active players

    Keepers of Light has been active for over 3 years and we are changing our requirements for active palayers - We currently have 5 openings and the group has decided that we would like to be more involved with each other and specifically in the tournamnets - our goal is to become a 10 chest FS...
  4. turfboss

    Keepers of Light Fellowship has a couple of openings

    We are an active, growing, pretty laid back fellowship looking for 4 players who want to play and grow with us. We are looking primarily for tier 2 crystal and tier 3 elixir producers but will accept anyone who is an active player - big or small. We will help you grow if you are new. We are...
  5. turfboss

    How do I get the squads to start fighting

    GolddustMisty said: ↑ Thank you for the great information on fighting. But I still don't understand how you make them fight. I only have Sword dancers and Archers. The quest I am on said that I have to win 5 fights. Well needless to said that I lost my first only fight so far. Because I do not...
  6. turfboss

    Steps and Servers

    I have tried searching forums and the Wiki to no avail - two Questions (1) I see questions and answers concerning outputs expected at different "steps" - a recent one today was aplayer saying she was on step 54 and expecting a certain output - which the repsonse to that was that she was on...
  7. turfboss

    Can't upgrade my storage facility from level 4 to level 5

    I am at my resources limits (coins and supplies) - trying to upgrade and the upgrade screen shows I need people so bought some diamonds (2400) - - now when I try to upgrade it asks do I want to buy the people (+170 for 320 Diamonds?) and I say yes but it will not execute the in game purchase...