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Search results

  1. zalfenior

    Crafting recipe list?

    Is there a place where we can see the current list of Crafting Recipes that you can find in the Magic academy? I understand if its supposed to be a surprise and all, but I just moved to another chapter and want to see if its safe to delete my Moonstone library buildings to get the new versions...
  2. zalfenior

    ElvenarRaiders is recruiting and/or merging!

    If you are looking for spire and tourney rewards but don't want to dedicate your life to the game, have a look at us! We are firm believers in "life > game", so if life gets in the way and you need to vanish for a bit, let us know and its no issue. As of right now we have 11 slots open, do 5-6...
  3. zalfenior

    ElvenarRaiders seeks active members to raid Tourneys and the Spire

    Good day all! We are currently seeking people who are trading goods, KP, neighborly help and overall are here to have fun. We have successfully pushed to 7 chests in the latest Tourney, nearly completed the last FA, and are working on improving performance in the spire. Needless to say, we need...
  4. zalfenior

    ElvenarRaiders seeking active members

    Good day all, We are seeking active members for a casual fellowship. We participate in trading, AW swapping (optional but recommended, and the spire and tourneys. We want dependable and active members who will grow their cities and work with us to achieve greater rewards. That being said, real...
  5. zalfenior

    Hello Hello all!

    I look forward to partaking in discussions with you all. :)