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  1. DeepTerminal

    Name change to Basic/Refined/Precious

    I updated the mobile app today and saw that the goods tab now divides the 3 tiers of goods into Basic/Refined/Precious. I'm pretty sure that they have been called Basic/Crafted/Magical Goods. So is this a new change? Will they also change all the other naming in Wikis and event quests?
  2. DeepTerminal

    Will the grid expand after Ch. 19?

    With Ch. 19, the entire 13x13 grid is now unlockable 6 starting expansions 55 research expansions 65 province expansions 43 premium expansions that's a total of 169. Will they expand the grid to 14x14?
  3. DeepTerminal

    Lore text for Pilgrim's Manor Tree Entrance misspelled

    EDIT: both tree entrance and fountain entrance are misspelled. attracts
  4. DeepTerminal

    What troops should I train?

    I just finished Ch. 15, and in the process of leveling my newly-built Merc Camp and Training Grounds. Once I have all 3 running, which troops should I train for each? I know that for Elves, the Sorceress from Barracks is very weak, and I should get Blossom Mage from Merc Camp. I also heard that...
  5. DeepTerminal

    The Elvenar Chapter - Reducing Academies after building Atelier, Agriculture & Factory?

    Just want to double check: When you start Chapter 15 (The Elvenar), you should build as many Academies as possible (8 at most) to produce Ideas and Workforce. Once you unlock those 3 research that require Ideas and Workforce, is it okay to sell off some Academies to make space for Atelier...
  6. DeepTerminal

    Are Traveling Merchants Completely Useless?

    Traveling Merchants don't benefit from relic boost and are completely useless compared to normal manufactories. Am I missing something? My level 27 planks factory with 760% production boost produces 3784 planks/3h and takes up 20 tiles. Not counting population, culture, and supplies, it...
  7. DeepTerminal

    How long do Ch. 14-16 take?

    I took me 1 year to go from Chapter 5 to 13. I tried everything to avoid getting tech-locked. During this year, I only got tech-locked 2-3 times, each time lasting 1-2 days. So it's been non-stop researching. I heard that Ch. 16 is extremely long because of the ridiculous KP requirements for...
  8. DeepTerminal

    What is most needed for Ch 14?

    I'm currently in the middle of Ch 13 (Amuni), and I'd like to know what is the most needed resource for Ch 14 (Constructs). Is it Orcs, Sentient Goods, or seeds? At which point do Orcs become a big bottleneck? I heard that mana is not needed as much after Amuni. But I see that the Ports still...
  9. DeepTerminal

    The economic recession is real

  10. DeepTerminal

    Multiple Sentient Manufactories?

    I'm just starting Chapter 13 (Amuni), and wondering when is a good time (if ever) more than 1 sentient manufactories are required to avoid getting tech-locked. In Chapter 12, I had only 1 S1 manufactory. Seeds was not a problem as I had many event buildings producing seeds. Population was also...
  11. DeepTerminal

    World Map Province View (Rings 0-20)

    I've had this graph for a while now, thought I'd share it: You can see a visual pattern with the color schemes - yellow rings have 3 provinces wrapping around each corner; purple rings have 1 province at each corner; and cyan rings have no province at corners. It's a little counter-intuitive...
  12. DeepTerminal

    Please change all 24h buildings to 23h 55mins

    There are a good number of buildings that have a 12/24-hour production schedule with no early collect - most ships from the last event (air traders voyage), genie, savory food market, etc. To keep up the collection schedule, one must be extremely prompt in daily collecting. Missing the...
  13. DeepTerminal

    MA Crafting Recipe Reset Time

    I noticed that my two cities on US server have different reset times for MA crafting recipes. I've spent diamonds on neither to refresh the recipes, so it might be a result of starting them at different times of the day initially. This got me wondering - what happens when you spend 50 diamonds...
  14. DeepTerminal

    Which sales are server-wide and which are per-player?

    I know that % bonus diamonds offers are specific to each player and depends on their past spending habits. Many other sales (event currency, RR spells, KPs, troops, etc.) seem to be server-wide (i.e., everyone gets them at the same time). Does anyone know about 10% expansion discounts? Are...
  15. DeepTerminal

    Optimal Level for a Spire/Diamonds city?

    I have a secondary city (Human) at chapter 4. I'm wondering what is the optimal level (especially considering the upcoming tourney update) for farming spire/diamonds with it. Now that Wishing Wells are no longer appearing in events, it looks like the only way to earn diamonds without paying is...
  16. DeepTerminal

    Closed | Archived Persistent Rendering Error for Canal and Lava Codex

    Game version: Version 1.108.2-78b049e-256 (us 1.108) Game world: Khelonaar Browser + version: Mobile app, iPhone X Operating System: iOS 13.5.1 Screen resolution: 2,436 x 1,125 Account name: DeepTerminal Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: The canal from the...
  17. DeepTerminal

    Closed | Archived Early Collect marker off the center

    Game version: Version 1.108.2-78b049e-256 (us 1.108) Game world: Khelonaar Browser + version: Mobile app, iPhone X Operating System: iOS 13.5.1 Screen resolution: 2,436 x 1,125 Account name: DeepTerminal Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: The early collect marker...
  18. DeepTerminal

    Allow new players to obtain old evolving building artifacts

    For new players and returning players, it's a huge disadvantage that currently, there is no way for them to get a stage 10 Polar Bear or Fire Phoenix. These evolving buildings are so OP, yet they were only available in a limited time. A solution would be to offer the artifacts once a year in...
  19. DeepTerminal

    Not worth it to upgrade Festive May Tree?

    I have a Stage 10 Festive May Tree at Chapter 11, which produces a decent amount of mana (28.9/hr/tile). But if I upgrade it to Chapter 12, it starts producing S1 goods instead of mana. But the amount it produces is pretty much the same as how much a level 27 manufactory produces in 3 hours. I'm...
  20. DeepTerminal

    Decaying Resources Soft Cap Formula & Graph

    I did some calculations on the soft cap of decaying resources (mana, seeds, and sentient goods). As we all know, by default, these resources have a decay rate of 10% per day. The soft cap is the amount of resources for which any new amount that you produce during a day will decay at the end of...