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Search results

  1. zodiphd

    Quixotic Companions Recruiting

    We'll also consider a merger, if anyone is interested. We have several inactive members, please message me if interested.
  2. zodiphd

    Quixotic Companions Recruiting

    We've been hit hard by the pandemic, and need to replace larger city (100k+ ranking) inactive members. We are a level 10 fellowship and require participation in tournaments (help us get weekly 10 chests), Spire (Silver trophies, help us get the gold!), and Fellowship Adventures (we are in the...
  3. zodiphd

    dropping a "one-time offer" in the middle of a battle???

    Wow Inno, dropping a one-time offer in the middle of a manual fight is so not cool...please adjust your announcements to coincide with logging in to the main screen. So I had to make a choice to either finish the fight or go to the shop... lost resources either way :(
  4. zodiphd

    Moving Day

    That option is now gone from PC, live and Beta, and we weren't told about it beforehand.
  5. zodiphd

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    When another event building/set comes along that I can get fully evolved or all the buildings to the set, AND gives me similar output, it will be replaced. Until then, it's up and running, albeit incomplete, I'm still getting something + a catalyst. I have kept some more recent event buildings...
  6. zodiphd

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    Yes, connecting buildings in the set will work to get you a bonus, but I really need non-boosted goods and was looking forward to getting it after seeing it in full action in Beta. Just disappointed, but, like another player suggested, it can easily be replaced with a future event set/evolving...
  7. zodiphd

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    4 days left to Sorcerers' Homecoming in the live and with multiple login's during each day, I won't have enough event items to get that last set building. Can't afford to buy my way to the end and an incomplete set is worthless to me with no way to get that last building. It's not a prize in...
  8. zodiphd

    Quixotic Companions Recruiting

    Please see most current post.
  9. zodiphd

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    I do appreciate some of the improvements: 1 & 2-day builds of any tier 1 mfg and the Stage 2 & 3 prize including an artifact for the last event's evolving building. However, fellowships that are smaller, have a lot of early chapter members, or inactive members have a much harder time competing...
  10. zodiphd

    Discussion Winter Magic - Discussion

    Feedback: Overall, I'm enjoying this event much better than the last one. Just a couple of things I'd suggest to improve: 1. the repetitive tasks for goods/supplies are annoying, especially when back-to-back or with only 1 other task in-between. Please consider spacing them out more, and...
  11. zodiphd

    Quixotic Companions Recruiting

    We're looking to grow and believe in helping each other. We require participation in tournaments (100 points or more), Spire (for those who are able-we’re working toward Silver trophies), and Fellowship Adventures as much as possible (we’ve been in the top 100). Please contact Archmage/Mage if...
  12. zodiphd

    'New Fellowship Adventures feedback

    Add my vote to nix the brew badges! I also think the bracelet badges need to be rebalanced... I'd rather have the sets of tier 1 mfg on 9-hr productions than to spend a day constantly doing 3-hr productions with mfg enchantments and time boosters; the limited space for chapter level mfg has...
  13. zodiphd

    Mystery of the Misty Forest Event discussion thread

    The one positive feedback is the event items found around the edges of the city are easier to see. Otherwise, not a fan of this event and the way Inno has been leaning towards making things harder for players to progress unless they spend real $. Remember the requirement to have workshops and...
  14. zodiphd

    Browser zoom and city text

    I'd love to see a feature that would allow the in-game windows text , (chat, email, advisors, etc) to remain at a font size of 10 or 12, while the browser is zoomed to the level needed to view a larger portion of, or the whole city. Important for larger cities in later chapters (especially...
  15. zodiphd

    Phoenix Event 2020 & loss of time boosters rewards, plus...

    I no longer look forward to Events (or FA's for that matter) because of the lack of good support (rewards) they have for city-building or (small) Fellowships. Players really need more buildings with a small footprint that have a decent amount of population, culture, or special effects. Space is...
  16. zodiphd

    looking for a new place!

    We believe in helping each other in this fellowship, Quixotic Companions. We require participation in tournaments (100 points unless you contact Archmage/Mage with reason you can't.) and Fellowship Adventures as much as possible. Request trades be 2 or 3 stars, exceptions when help needed, of...
  17. zodiphd

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

    Please enter me in the Cyber Monday 1000 diamond contest. ZodiPhD
  18. zodiphd

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!