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Search results

  1. ed1960

    Playing a Parked City

    Let me start with some basics, I parked my city (Arendyll) after completing chapter 16 first tech. Since then I have spent my time improving my city and upgrading everything possible (still a work in progress) and helping my FS in any way possible, from trades to knowledge sharing, leading in...
  2. ed1960

    Todays Happy Canada Day Sale

    Just logged in and got the popup for today's sale and noticed the Triumph of the Tides base and artifacts were available. To my surprise, it is offering me this even though I have two level 10 triumph's from the event. Anyone else getting the offer with having a base already? Is this a change...
  3. ed1960

    City Teleported Bldgs flag

    This may be a low-priority item but it should be an easy one and one that would greatly enhance the ability to rebuild a city when you have to. Such as after doing urban renewal to a shanty town or major remodeling from or for the pesky Guests that show up every chapter. Your opinions please...
  4. ed1960

    Other Comments Away Feature

    After being gone for almost a month to help my son's family that was stricken by Covid, I return to the game and find that the "decay" of sentient goods, mana, and seeds are major hardships to the continuation or return to play. The game needs an "AWAY" button that will pause all decay [see...
  5. ed1960

    Misty Forest prize Error??

    Not sure if this is an Error or just the way it is, I closed out of the event screen and returned and it was still there. I mean really, how do I know which Mana Prize did I win? Added a second instance.
  6. ed1960

    How Many "People" are wandering your Streets and paths?

    in my main city, I have seen 10 at one time, however, many streets are not fully visible?
  7. ed1960

    Use Confirmation For "Sips of Clarity"

    Just as Diamond confirmations are used the "Sips" need a confirmation as they can be clicked on way to easy and with a small amount of lag and you may use 2 or 3 in just a fraction of a second. Pros - Will eliminate/reduce accidental use. Will provide greater security to user experience just as...
  8. ed1960

    Helya - Pet Food Use

    Please please ask the Devs to remove the use of pet food as a Quest requirement from this and all future events. Not only is it a waste to "disenchant" a petfood when you don't have a way to use it, but they are also so hard to come by and maintain a useful number that using them as a Quest...
  9. ed1960

    nothing here tonight

    yup nothing
  10. ed1960

    Event Bonus offers - Uneven distribution

    The event was only So-So before and now, well lets say I am going to relax and enjoy a few weeks of easy sailing. So what is this post about, I realized that many players never get the 100% bonus diamond offers, some only get the server-wide offers of 10% off premium W/S and Residences, and now...
  11. ed1960

    Funny City ART

    Your own of something you came across...
  12. ed1960

    What troops should I make

    The ones Outlined in Yellow I use and its mostly the Merc camp and Golems, however, there are times for the rest. I know I will continue making Blossom Mages and Rangers but, what about the Training grounds and Barracks? I really do not see any need to make more troops in either at this point...
  13. ed1960

    Elvarian Games - League Numbers Bronze, Silver, Gold

    Arendyll ... Bronze 72 - Silver 135 -- Gold 185 Winyandor ... Bronze 0 - Silver 0 -- Gold 0 Felyndral ... Bronze 0 - Silver 0 -- Gold 0 Khelonaar ... Bronze 71 - Silver 140 -- Gold 187 Elcysandir ... Bronze 72 - Silver 138 -- Gold 192 Sinya Arda ... Bronze 0 - Silver 0...
  14. ed1960

    Goddess of Wishes - Make the Rewards Scalable

    After having the Goddess of Wishes for the last three weeks the rewards are shall we say, "below even the worst of expectations" Supplies of 9,900. T3 goods of 1,500 ish all of which for a city in ch 15 are dismal. Make the reward values scale by chapter so that players that are above chapter...
  15. ed1960

    How can this be right

    tonight on the spire I am not winning battles and there should be no reason to lose Should be an easy win The losses are many times more than normal Wave 2 loss that should not happen This is but one example and I cant explain it, It is like the Fire Phoenix wasnt active, but it is
  16. ed1960

    Ashen Phoenix Still Active

    My Ashen Phoenix is still showing as Active from the last event Should it have ended with the event?
  17. ed1960

    The Case for the Elf Sorcerer and a few other maligned troops

    Elf Sorcerers are weaker than their Human counterparts, I get that but in the reality of the game that does not really matter. Blossom Mages are Fantastic and is my go-to Mage in Tournaments and Spire but not for clearing Provinces. I would rather lose 100 Bud Sorcerers than 10 Blossom Mages...
  18. ed1960

    Where is this version of Elvenar

    The picture says it all, so where do we get this version...
  19. ed1960

    Woodelves Chapter shortcut?

    A member in my FS has asked if this would work out and save KP, I will try to explain it and keep it simple Using the Elvengems diagram the member is planning on doing all up to number 11 and after that not following the Elvengems path below Note the tree shown above is not accurate as it...
  20. ed1960

    Create Premium Buildings that offer Seeds

    Currently, there are dozens of premium buildings that you can purchase for diamonds that provide Mana, and ZERO that offer Seeds. This does not seem right and would appear to be a clear oversight. Several existing premium buildings could be reskinned and changed to offer Seeds. Pro's - We...