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Search results

  1. sasmitcl16

    Squad size upgrade not lowering the toughness of provinces

    A few days back i was at the end of dwarven chapter and had one squad size upgrade remaining to research ..along with that the provinces were all green and i had 135/130 provinces done to enter the fairy chapter..however once i researched the provinces didnt go down to blue which is very easy...
  2. sasmitcl16

    [application is withdrawn]Well experienced active player..looking for fellowship with Gold and Blueprint

    I offer: -Very active.. -Daily help -4th chapter almost done..Rushing into 5th -For me,3rd boss is a piece of cake -Currently in silver spire fellowship...Gold's better.. -8 to 10 provinces to 6 star everytime. Elvenstats would show you the average.. -2star/3star [Not relying on cross tier soon...
  3. sasmitcl16

    Help Hot Keys

    Is there any list of Hot keys? I had seen a hyperlink for hot keys in Mykan's Guide to Elvenar, but it shows that i dont have the perms to view the page on the forum