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Search results

  1. Risen Malchiah

    Tournament Rewards Question

    Does anyone know what happens if a player is removed from a fellowship *after* the tournament ends and the rewards are handed out, but before they log in to collect them? (Like if they don't log in til Sunday for instance.) I assume they still get the rewards, but I just wanted to make sure...
  2. Risen Malchiah

    In-game survey pop-up

    I got a pop-up for a survey in-game but I had a lot of stuff I wanted to collect & reset first, so I closed the pop-up. Is there a way to get back to this? I would like to fill out the survey but there's nothing in the News section. Having it only pop up when we first log in likely won't...
  3. Risen Malchiah

    Make troop instants usable in TG & Merc camp

    Like many others, I love the troop instants that have been added to recent events. This proposal would allow the option of using troop instants to produce non-Barracks troops such as using a light melee instant to make Barracks troops or Dogs or Drone Riders, a mage troop instant to produce...
  4. Risen Malchiah

    Closed | Archived Flash, HTML & Mobile dont display quotation marks correctly

    Game version: v1.100.9-(8b3ce33) (2020-03-24 08:04) Game world: Felyndral Browser + version: Various Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: When using "quotation marks" in chat, they will display correctly for yourself but incorrectly for others depending on the version of the game used to...
  5. Risen Malchiah

    Imagining new pet abilities

    Some pets are utterly fantastic, dare I say game-changing. Others have been rather disappointing. Fire Phoenix (+attack power for 24 hrs) Storm Phoenix (+MM spell power for 3.5 hrs) Aureate Phoenix (+boosted goods for 3.5 hrs) Brown Bear (+troop bonus for 12hrs) Polar Bear (-cooldown for...
  6. Risen Malchiah

    Safety of Innogames employees

    @Muf-Muf @Xelenia I don't mean to be a bummer, but I know many areas are heavily affected by RL issues right now. Is Innogames set up to let staff work from home or are any other plans in the works, such as delaying patches, maintenance, reduced support staff, etc? We love you guys (and gals)...
  7. Risen Malchiah

    Mobile battle interface arrows are too small

    I mentioned this back in the version 1.78 patch notes, but it's worth bringing back. On a tablet, the arrows to move between training buildings might be ok. but on a phone, the arrows are so tiny and difficult to press. There is a lot of empty space to the left and right of the troops, so it...
  8. Risen Malchiah

    Open HTML version sometimes changes fonts

    Game version: v1.94.4-(c5fc022) (2019-12-16 17:25) Game world: Felyndral Browser + version: Chrome Version 79.0.3945.79 (64-bit) Flash Player version: HTML Operating System: Windows 7 Reproducibility: 3/5 = happens sometimes Current situation: When first loading the game, sometimes Elvenar...
  9. Risen Malchiah

    Stand alone game client?

    So I've played the game in Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox and Waterfox and in both Flash and HTML versions. On my older PC, the game seems to run better in some browsers, worse in others, but overall performs far better with Flash. The HTML version is still just too glitchy, but of course the...
  10. Risen Malchiah

    Providences and Sentinels

    So I've noticed a few players call provinces "providences" and sentient goods "sentinel goods." After the first person said it, I just figured they misspoke, but it happens often enough that I wonder how widespread this may be. Anyone encounter this? I've also never corrected anyone who uses...
  11. Risen Malchiah

    Logging out crashes Chrome

    Game version: v1.89.2-(7860524) (2019-10-07 09:10) - HTML version Game world: Felyndral Browser + version: Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 Operating System: Windows 7 Account name: Risen Malchiah Reproducibility: 4/5 = happens often, but not always Current situation: After playing...
  12. Risen Malchiah

    Errors immediately after loading the game (Resolved)

    I currently can't play any of my cities on browser or on mobile. I get an error as soon as the city loads and then it restarts. The app is up to date and this error exists regardless of which browser I use. Anyone else having the same issue? I have already submitted a ticket but just thought...
  13. Risen Malchiah

    Port Forwarding for Elvenar?

    For anyone with routers and familiar with the concept of port forwarding, are there settings that may facilitate Elvenar at all? I play from 2 primary locations. 1 of them works fine as expected without issue. The other has some odd hiccups that showed up a few months ago. In the problematic...
  14. Risen Malchiah

    Forum Rules Clarification

    I would like some clarification regarding Forum Rule #13: It seems simple enough. But occasionally I've seen enforcement of this rule even when a support ticket isn't directly quoted, but merely discussed. It would be helpful if the rule could be clarified in the official forum guidelines...
  15. Risen Malchiah

    Evolving Phoenix glitch update?

    This is in reference to the Glitch or Trap thread about how the presence of the Fire Phoenix seemed to make the tournaments more difficult. I was curious if there is an update from the original poster of that thread regarding the building's effect on the perceived difficulty for the silk...
  16. Risen Malchiah

    Allow Time Boosters for Expiring Buildings

    It would be nice if time boosters could be used on expiring buildings so this situation doesn't happen: I have instants that would take care of this easily, but instead I just lose out on 48hrs worth of the expiring building. I don't really see it as too game-breaking to allow for this.
  17. Risen Malchiah

    Expiring Building Timer

    So I have 2 Trading Outposts in one my cities and this is the current expiring timer: Is the expiring timer and the collection timer both being at 37:20 an incredible coincidence or has something changed to ensure expiring buildings with less time than the collection timer don't cheat you out...
  18. Risen Malchiah

    Enthusiasm not allowed

    I guess posting before official announcements are made is not allowed, even in praise of them. I never knew this, but I offer this to inform others to not make the same mistake. Hold your enthusiasm til later. If that's possible. And never post spoilers. :cool:
  19. Risen Malchiah

    Add a filter or new tab for sentient goods

    PLEASE add a filter such as "Show only Normal goods" or "Hide Sentient Goods." Or separate normal and sentient goods into distinct tabs. That vast majority of the time, I'm trading normal goods for a tournament or to help fellow players and having 20-40 extra pages of goods is insane. It is...
  20. Risen Malchiah

    The demands of leadership

    I'm curious to hear from mages & archmages regarding burnout and how you handle the responsibilities of leadership as you juggle the game with your everyday life. I've been in multiple fellowships where leaders have disappeared, sometimes without warning, and I've heard others have had similar...