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Search results

  1. Mykan

    Emerald Elites - vacancy

    Currently have a vacancy and looking for someone who enjoys a bit of friendly competition but still knows how to have fun. Ideal candidate would be focused on tournament and spire with a town around chapter 17+ Our only rules are around tournament and spire based on avg performance over 6...
  2. Mykan

    Forwarded Fellowship Spire tab

    The addition of a new tab for spire within the fellowship screen. This would be equivalent to the current tournament tab improving game consistency and information for fellowships. A possible look below. Inclusion of tab would allow for: A summary of rewards earned A record of member...
  3. Mykan

    Tournament troop emphasis

    I have a recollection that with the new tournament there is a level of emphasis on certain troops in certain weeks. However I can't seem to locate this information, anyone know if this is correct and what the emphasis is?
  4. Mykan

    Display building level in inventory

    Background / Issue With teleport spells we can now place our normal buildings into inventory. This can mean several similar buildings of the same type but no easy method of knowing the level for those buildings should you wish to put them back in your town. Displaying the building level would...
  5. Mykan

    Tournament rune rewards

    My last 2 tournaments all of my runes rewards at the end of the tournament have been the same rune, instead of random selection across all (discovered) runes. Did I miss the update where they changed this or have I got the most phenomenal luck or bugged? If this is an update it is a real shame...
  6. Mykan

    Seeds production - what is your setup?

    From halflings onward seeds become a valuable resource. By chapter 15 and 16 the reliance on sentient goods and building requirements changes this need again. As wonder levels provide a significant boost to seed production I am curious how many wonders different people have in the different...
  7. Mykan

    Middle of the map - locations?

    With more player movements happening and changes in this space could some awesome person please list the towns at the middle of the map for the various servers? I have seen the list a couple times over the years and I believe it is in the game files for those who know how to read them. Would be...
  8. Mykan

    Neighbour hood visits (browser version)

    Allow for easier navigation to make neighbourly help visits on the browser. Picture below shows concept: The province overview tab from the world map could be used and an additional tab added for neighbours. A list of neighbours could then be shown with a visit icon similar to fellowships...
  9. Mykan

    Variety in major events

    We have lots of events and they are basically all variations on a theme of doing mass quests. For a truly unique game experience for a major event it would be fun to do something completely different and fitting in with the story-line of the game. The story line has us helping guest races come...
  10. Mykan

    More variety in event/set buildings

    There are certain resources that are almost always present in event buildings and sets: Coins supplies mana seeds T3 goods While some recently have added some extra variety like broken shards it would be great to see other items/resources appear more often and in sets in particular (for...
  11. Mykan

    Story line and future chapters

    Unsure about others but I have enjoyed following the story line of the game. While sadly I have missed some quests I generally try to read the story line quests to follow what is happening. Having got to the end of the constructs story I am curious what others think might lay ahead. Couple key...
  12. Mykan

    AW donations when visiting

    As the game progresses peoples towns get larger and larger and they acquire more wonders. This can make finding wonders in peoples towns difficult, especially if you are looking for a specific wonder. This sounds all too familiar to the town visits and culture issue, so I thought a solution...
  13. Mykan

    Bulwark v Shrooms - training size comparison

    Both the dwarven bulwark and the shrine of shrewdy shrooms provide a training size benefit. Bulwark is based on squad size and shrooms on armoury levels. Has anyone done a comparison of which is better in terms of increased training size based on number of armouries and/or all tech/no optional...
  14. Mykan

    Mykans Guide - Comparison of wonder levelling programs

    This guide forms part of a larger guide Mykans Guide Wonders are a large part of the game and there are many methods used to level them. Below is a comparison of some methods used. Methods compared Endless swap - One or multiple message threads where a person donates KP to the prior person in...
  15. Mykan

    Long-term future chapters

    On another forum a comment was made about long term plans for the game and some guesses were made about how many more chapters this might be in the game. The number was along the lines of 35 chapters total (probably very guessed at). This however raises some thoughts and pondering: Could we be...
  16. Mykan

    Wonder Society (Spreadsheet assisted wonder program)

    Wonder Society A program for levelling wonders As a part of my guide I discuss different methods of levelling wonders. One of those methods is a spreadsheet assisted approach. Every so often I receive a message asking about how such a group works and if there is a template, here it is Template...
  17. Mykan

    Combat 201

    Sometime ago I wrote a Combat 101 thread to help a person at the very start of learning combat to find a way to begin winning some fights and eventually develop their own strategy. If you are brand new to combat I suggest reading that thread first before progressing to this one. For those ready...
  18. Mykan

    Player influence on the game in 2017

    The community manager on beta, Marindor, recently posted a summary of changes to the game and forums for 2017. This was an interesting read and while some aspects relate only to beta I did find it interesting how many changes related to either direct feedback from players or features players...
  19. Mykan

    squad sizes by chapter

    Has anyone tracked their squad size and the provincial mobs squad size by chapter? One would assume staying within the minimum number of provinces would allow for comparable data, unsure how to account for the changes in tech in an era. Timing of scouts would need to be precise most likely as...
  20. Mykan

    Mykans Guide - Glossary of terms

    This guide forms part of a larger guide Mykans Guide Glossary This glossary covers many of the terms and abbreviations used by players to describe different things in the game. Tier 1 (T1) - Basic manufacturing goods or buildings. These goods are Steel, Planks, Marble Tier 2 (T2) - Crafted...