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Search results

  1. Relaxed Players fellowship

    We are a "relaxed play" membership that has no participation requirements - just play when you can and enjoy the game. Participation in any event, tournament, or Fellowship Adventure is strictly up to each fellowship member. RULES: ***Be nice. If you have a question or an answer - great! Be...
  2. Locked Fellowship

    Thank you for getting back to me!! If my Archmage locked it, I'll leave it alone and wait until he comes back. We do have several "inactive" players, but we are a "relaxed" play fellowship so that is allowed. Not sure of the length of inactivity allowed, so that's something else I'm going...
  3. Locked Fellowship

    Can a Fellowship be locked so that new potential members can't join? Our Mage has been inactive for a bit (we are a"relaxed play" fellowship) and one of our number has a friend that would like to join us. Since we have 3 open slots she should be able to make the request. However, the button...
  4. FA - quantities for some badges on Stage 3

    On the Blue Path - Stage 3, there are requirements of 155 Blacksmith Guild badges and 135 Wonder Society Badges. These quantities seem really high. Are they correct quantities? Thanks, AvalonMoonStar
  5. Discussion [Archived 02/2020] News from Beta

    I'm compiling the quest list for the upcoming Woodelvenstock Event and need additional info on quests #65 & 66. #65 lists "Produce basket of groceries" but doesn't give the amount; #66 lists "Upgrade 4 buildings to level 7 or higher OR" but doesn't say what the other option is.
  6. Relics not posting to current "Egg" campaign

    Make that 4 out of 5 cities - I've already passed that challenge on the 5th one.o_O
  7. Relics not posting to current "Egg" campaign

    I have experienced an issue with relics not posting to the "20 Relic" challenge for the "Egg" campaign on 3 of my 5 cities. On one, I achieved 4 beyond what was required to finish the challenge but was given no credit to finishing that challenge. Anyone else have this issue? It's very...
  8. New Group Leader

    I just took over a couple of Fellowships from the fellow that created them as he no longer has time, and I have a few questions. 1 - Is there a list or reference somewhere of the scopes/job descriptions of the different player levels (human & elf)? 2 - Can anyone in the Fellowship invite new...