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Search results

  1. Avalon seeking Spire and Tournament players

    4 spots immediately available. Moving from a casual gold spire fellowship to a weekly gold spire fellowship. No score minimums - must be able to top the spire (or at least top of level 2 every week). 1k average minimum tourney score (2k preferred). Wonder Society KP sharing system for fast and...
  2. Gold Spire Seekers - Avalon wants you!

    Top 20 Fellowship seeks Gold Spire motivated players to join our Fellowship. We are transitioning from "best effort" to "weekly gold spire" (currently at gold once per 4 weeks). We have a Wonder Society KP sharing system which makes KP sharing fast and easy. Come join us (bring a friend!)...
  3. New Game Features New Ancient Wonder Idea

    I would like an Ancient Wonder building that increases the duration of pet food by a certain percent. 40 levels to maybe max out at 200%? What do you all think?
  4. Avalon Seeking Spire and Tournament oriented players

    Top 20 Fellowship has openings for Spire and Tournament players. We currently are a laid back 11/12 chest / Silver Spire fellowship that is transitioning to a gold spire fellowship. We use a Wonder Society KP sharing system for Ancient Wonder development. If interested, contact me or one of the...
  5. Avalon looking for members:

    We are a top 15 Fellowship in Avalon looking for members who enjoy the following: a) Spire b) Tournament c) Wonder Society style KP swap. We are a silver medal spire, 11 chest tournament FS that is looking to become more spire and tourney focused. Multiple slots available if a group of...
  6. Fight interface: transition to mobile

    New Feature Request: Scout Terrain button on the fight dialog which opens a window showing the terrain and enemy troop deployment. This button could be at the dialog which chooses between fight or negotiate, or it could be in the troop selection dialog. If this feature were added to both...
  7. Improve Fellowship Event Motivation

    Right now, the only motivation to participate in a fellowship event is if you like the current evolve building and need 2 more evolve artifacts. For most mid to high level players, the evolve buildings are less and less useful / desirable. The FA events are not worth the effort and most...
  8. Avalon: Recruiting

    10 Chest / Silver Spire Fellowship seeking spire/tourney players to get to Gold Spire Achievement. Uses a wonder society for KP sharing. If that bothers you, apply elsewhere. Message Momonar for an invite.
  9. Avalon Recruiting

    Top 20 Fellowship Seeking active players for a low pressure and enjoyable fellowship. 10 chests every 4th week (although we may increase frequency as player activity increases) Bronze and Silver Spire. All boosts welcome (scrolls and dust are the lowest overall), recommend at least 100k score...
  10. 2D City Display option

    Dear Elvenar, Frequently, I can't see what is occupying squares in my city because the 3D art (which is beautiful btw) obstructs the view. I realize that when moving a building, the other buildings become semi-transparent, but even then you can't always see a small decoration hidden behind a...