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  1. SoulsSilhouette

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @Jackluyt This will help a bunch. Thank you so much.
  2. SoulsSilhouette

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @Jackluyt Do you have a little synopsis and stuff on the mini event that I can share with my fellowships?
  3. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I am in Sinya. And no, I'm not close to getting the set. But the other stuff I've won is okay. In Khel, I'm not on locked quests yet. I haven't gotten many lucky draws or anything. I didn't buy the stash house this time because it's twice as much for a build that does nothing more than it...
  4. SoulsSilhouette

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I used to have a circus tent... it made me sad when I had to delete it. It's a relic from the past. I just wish we had teleports back when I had to make that decision because it would still be sitting in my inventory. I liked that build.
  5. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I will reiterate what I said a long time ago. This is an okay event, BUT unless you are very very luck, which I am NOT, if you want the set, you have to spend diamonds, which I will not. If I'm gonna spend diamonds, it will be on upgrading an MA in one of my worlds or my builders.
  6. SoulsSilhouette

    New Food Game

    chicken and rice in white wine sauce.
  7. SoulsSilhouette

    An non-relevant discussion

    In terms of that definition, it is racially discriminating and should never be used. I happen to know people who I would label as "Karens" who are neither white nor women. Believing that you are above the rules is not tied to race or gender, just a mindset.
  8. SoulsSilhouette

    Ideal Trading Partners

    You could make a tile banner that says 'Justice for Buddy' Or a banner that says 'Alms for the poor' Or 'open range chickens roam here' Teehee
  9. SoulsSilhouette

    We Need Better Rewards

    The developers and many other forum members do dismiss people who are, in their minds, chronic complainers. It's corporate and human nature. The communication form of complaining should be addressed, however, like many corporations, they feel that they know best because 'they have plans for...
  10. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I really don't mind any of the booty, but when your eye is on the set, it's disheartening to know from the outset that the 'chances' you will be able to get it without buying a boatload of diamonds is minimal.
  11. SoulsSilhouette

    Ideal Trading Partners

    I believe we have to prepare for the future. When you don't, you get stuck and if you don't want to be stuck in an undesirable place in the research tree, you have to make sure you have the means not to be stuck. Fighting in the spire and in the tourney can be difficult if you are stuck in the...
  12. SoulsSilhouette

    Fellowship Adventure

    @helya Sorry you are mildly miserable. Try some spiced mulled wine. Warming the wine with a cinnamon stick and maybe some ginger (I add ginger} makes a lovely little drink to relax with. Especially if you drink it out of a moscow mule. It's not what the cool kids do, but my mules are...
  13. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I don't mind the style of this game. My issue with all the events lately is that there is too much random. I do the quests. I jump through the hoops. I whistle dixie while buying KP that becomes more and more costly with each event. But even doing everything they 'require' isn't enough to...
  14. SoulsSilhouette

    Ideal Trading Partners

    @Enevhar Aldarion Yes, currently I'm stuck in Chapter 15 in Khel. At that pesky "vault of wisdom" part of the tree. Those amounts are redonkulous but it taught me a lesson. Have a bank. Stay there and build up. I may see the end of it in 2023 at some point. However, I would rather sit at...
  15. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    @crackie What, you don't want to spend your quality gaming time watching the grass grow in Elvenar? I'm not sure the word balance is defined the same way for them as it is for the people who are not getting paid to play this game. Heck, I'm not sure about a whole lot of stuff when it comes...
  16. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    @Jackluyt I think this might be the only unintentional thing that they might have done. It did not make a difference to me because I am not buying diamonds or a stash house in this event. My grandson was looking at my city and bought a diamond package the other day, so I'll use them and remind...
  17. SoulsSilhouette

    Recent difficulties with FA Coin badge and coins for event quests

    That opening coin quest was harsh, but then, I half expected it after the coin badge change that wasn't announced. It is a poor way to do business. I doubt that it is a 'bug'. Inno doesn't seem to have any respect for the people who play this game daily.
  18. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    That makes no sense. The only way to get rid of 'shanty' town is to make the badges ALL quantity dependent, like the coin and bracelet badges. So no more blacksmiths, etc. It would just be an x quantity of supplies badge. So ONE coin badge, ONE supplies badge. ONE goods badge? The very...
  19. SoulsSilhouette

    Silly Thoughts About Sillier Situations

    Elvenar The entire landscape is covered with iridescent bubbles that causes temporary insanity. Everyone is floating singing ... I love to laugh .. HA HA HA it fills my heart with glee. 'Cause when I laugh... HA HA HA HA. Everyone's laughing with me!
  20. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I don't understand how in anyway changing the coin badge to ludicrously outrageous numbers is going to stop a shanty town?