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Search results

  1. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebels and Misfits

    Are you in a fellowship that doesn't quite fit? Homeless? Need a more active group for visits and trades? Give us a look and a try. We are a middle of the road fellowship, so we don't set minimum participation limits. We look forward to seeing you! We don't have any minimum city...
  2. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebels and Misfits Fellowship Recruiting

    We are looking for fun, active players who love the game. No pressure, we just ask that you visit and trade. We would love you to play the tourney and spire with us and participate in the events and FA (assuming the inflation rate goes down and we don't have to pauper ourselves to do it)...
  3. SoulsSilhouette

    Help Compatibility question

    I want to buy a tablet. These are the specs. Do you think it will run Elvenar without a problem? HP 11.6" Chromebook, AMD A4, 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Black 16W64UT#ABA Support hasn't gotten back to me and I need to make a decision ASAP. Thanks 1
  4. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebels and Misfits have openings

    We are a group of people who participate in everything. We are up and coming. We do better in the spire and tourney every week. We just want active players who enjoy the game. We like players from every level. We just need people who want to contribute what they can and who communicate what...
  5. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood seeking members

    Trinity Blood is currently seeking some new members. There are no minimum requirements to join. My fellows are a really great group of people, always helpful. You can be a brand spanking new player or someone who needs a soft place to land. It is a low-pressure fellowship, although we always...
  6. SoulsSilhouette


    Why in the name of all that is right and good in the legendarium, is there this unreasonable restriction of being able to donate AWKP's outside your fellowship. What in the name of Arda does it give me a message that the 'other user doesn't have enough credits' and that this person has received...
  7. SoulsSilhouette

    Help Tournament Difficulty

    I was wondering which tournaments are the easiest to fight? A long time ago, @SoggyShorts told me that the easiest was planks/silk/gems and the hardest were steel/scrolls/magic dust. Is this still true?
  8. SoulsSilhouette

    Event schedule

    I would be nice if there was a solid event schedule. Like a Major event, then a mini-event and then the fellowship adventure. And in the mini event maybe we could win teleports? The spire doesn't give those up to me very often in the cities where I need them the most.
  9. SoulsSilhouette

    Help the new fields

    Do the fields stack? and do the military boost builds stack? Thanks in advance!
  10. SoulsSilhouette

    Barnyard has empty stalls!

    Come join us in the Barnyard. We just ask for participation. This is a fellowship for the casual player. We do the events, FA, tourney, spire but place no expectations on anyone. We want you to visit, trade fairly and have a good time growing your city at your own pace. A newborn city is as...
  11. SoulsSilhouette

    Fellowship Adventure Master Screen

    A beautiful feature for all of us who participate in the FA would be to have a tab that shows what each player has in their badge bank.
  12. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebels and Misfits is currently seeking new members

    We welcome any style player, any level... We just ask that you participate as much as you're able and let us know when you need a vaca. Hoping to see you there!
  13. SoulsSilhouette


    It would be great if when you clicked on a player in the trader, that you could help them without the visit... and if you could donate to their AW's from that same drop down menu. It would speed things up and it would promote more neighborly help. I want to be able to visit WITHOUT loading...
  14. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood has openings

    This group is a community effort. We all try to help one another. We consult one another on just about everything to do with the game... total democracy. The only expectations are that you visit, trade and participate in as much as you can. If you play in Sinya and are looking for a soft...
  15. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel Misfits is open for business!

    We are a good group of players and are looking for players who like a laid back atmosphere. We don't impose rules... but we do ask that you be active enough to visit and trade. If you like the tourney, that's a bonus because we are currently trying to work towards getting ten chests. We have...
  16. SoulsSilhouette

    Accurate Inventory

    Why can't we have an accurate inventory that includes blueprints and royal restoration? And why in the name of all that's good and right with the world did you remove the CC's from the spell inventory?
  17. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood

    We are a small but effective fellowship looking for active members who like to participate in the events, tournaments, and the fellowship adventures. We have no point requirements. We want to help you grow as you help us grow! We are a great cooperative fellowship, please give us a look and a...
  18. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood

    We are looking for players who want to enjoy the game in all its various aspects. We chat, we trade, we visit, we participate in the FA, Tourney's, and the spire. We go further every week and we are looking for contributors! Size of city doesn't matter, new or established. We would like you...
  19. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel and Misfits

    We are a growing fellowship of active players. We voluntarily participate in the events... tournaments, spire and FA. The only requirements are fair trades and visits. Oh, and COMMUNICATION so that we can help you grow as we grow!
  20. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebels and Misfits

    New player? Experienced player? Somewhere in between? Looking for a low pressure fellowship that does participate in all events without requirements? Then give us a try. We only ask that you communicate what you need to help your city grow, visit and trade fairly. Play your game with us!