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Search results

  1. City Player's City

    Why can't a player delete his own city if he no longer wants to play using his current city layout? It takes quite a bit of player time to figure out how to layout your city and you don't figure this out until you have used up all the spaces allotted for building. A player may want to use a...
  2. Tomb of secrets and other wonders

    What is the best way to upgrade "Tomb of Secrets". It says upgrade is available but I don't know what is required.
  3. Request move from current world

    I am currently in Elcysandir on US5 server. Only 4 of the 29 members in this world are active. Requesting I be relocated to another (active) world. Thank you I stand corrected, the 29 member I see in Elcysandir onUS5 server are the only cities that I have been able to discover so far. I would...
  4. Builders Hut

    Would it be possible to locate everyone's "builders hut" in the same place on the map? Still allow it to be upgraded but change the color of the building to a unique color. The reason for this request is that trying to locate a player's builders hut is very difficult to find on the map once...
  5. Diamonds

    You get 100 diamonds to start in any world currently. Whichever world you use the diamonds are subtracted from all worlds that one plays in. To get around this, some have chosen to create a city in every world to get the maximum amount of diamonds available. Then they play only in one world...
  6. The Buried City

    This shows as being locked in my world. What is required to unlock and participate in this quest?
  7. Spot of Whispering Trees

    How can I tell when I am no longer getting culture from this tree? When I click on it, the "Benefit" is greyed out.
  8. Slow response

    Refresh rate when connecting to other cities in my world, Elvenar seems to be having a very slow response time yesterday and today. Anyone else experiencing this? I just had a Microsoft update yesterday, and I used to have a "sleep" under my power command and now that has disappeared.