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Search results

  1. Swordkin


    I was supposed to go on a date yesterday(friday), but at 3 pm she wrote me that she was stuck in a meeting and that she didnt know when it would end, ending with a "sorry". I thought it would just mean going out later in the day, but apparantly it meant to cancel. then i proposed sunday as a...
  2. Swordkin

    No residences hack?

    Hello hello. Im playing with the thought of parking in a chapter for a long time, to focus on spire, wonders and tournaments. and i have this idea, that if i build my city to produce as much as i can fit in. and then delete/teleport, away ALL my residences. and then use the free space for...
  3. Swordkin

    Help Optional Squad size research.

    Hello y'all I read somewhere that optional squad size research is actually better to skip than do. Regarding spire and tourny difficulty, but i cant figure out if that was an advice thats outdated and no longer correct or not. Should a new city do optional Squad size research or not? Swordkin.