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Search results

  1. LordZorbus

    Fleur de Lys is looking for active members or a merger

    16 active... sounds like too many.. :(
  2. LordZorbus

    Fleur de Lys is looking for active members or a merger

    How many players do you have that would merge?
  3. LordZorbus

    Friendly no pressure FS seeking members

    Blue Moon Wolf has space for 10 players, so if you are seeking a friendly group with no drama and no pressure, hit us up! We participate in all events, FAs tournaments (6-7 chests currently) and spire. Happy to bring in a smaller FS who would like to merge into us as well... Just like to see...
  4. LordZorbus

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    And another thing... I don't know if it has been said before, but it would be good if you could take back a badge that was contributed to an unfinished dot on the FA... in case people put them there by accident...
  5. LordZorbus

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    Since I was told you guys don't monitor the Facebook page and I should post it here... Starting the FA on a Thursday is horrible... you wind up trying to get a lot of badges you need for Stage 3 when there is no tournament or spire available.. That is just mean. Seriously... the majority of the...
  6. LordZorbus

    Blue Moon Wolf seeks high Steel producer

    We are a very friendly FS who is all active and is doing well in tourneys (6+ chests regularly) and FAs. We are very helpful to each other, but are in desperate need of someone who is producing a good amount of steel and can help with trades. Reply or msg me in world.
  7. LordZorbus

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

    Yaaaaayyyyy.. Diamonds!!!!!
  8. LordZorbus

    Trading Outpost not delivering goods

    I just realized that... Thanks...
  9. LordZorbus

    Trading Outpost not delivering goods

    I bought the set of buildings on Black Friday and setup the Trading outpost. I just went to collect the goods after the first 48 hr and they did not show up in my inventory. no increase in goods listed (Tingle Bread, Savvy Soup, Jolly Jelly). WTH... It only lasts 50 days to begin with. It would...
  10. LordZorbus

    Blue Moon Wolf

    We are a friendly active group looking for some new blood. Our only request is that you are active and visit other members in the FS atleast 3 times a week. We are active in tournaments, but do not require participation. The more who do the better the prizes. We currently average 4 chests. We...
  11. LordZorbus

    fellowship is blank

    I noticed this today as well... in Felyndral
  12. LordZorbus

    Release Notes version 1.48

    Was breaking the chat a feature of this new release? if so, I don't like it.
  13. LordZorbus


    Are we ever going to get Blueprints?
  14. LordZorbus

    Daily Event Quest Not Displaying

    Looking at the link from Soggy for the prizes... the point values are based on the chapter you are in at the time you obtain it? does the value go up as you progress?
  15. LordZorbus

    AW rune shards... Useless prizes...

    I have gotten 14 rune shards for the Tome of secrets and I can't do anything with them since I already have enough to build it. Since you can only build one, getting more of them is useless, why can't you use rune shards for whatever AW you want? It is stupid that they are only usable for...
  16. LordZorbus

    Daily Event Quest Not Displaying

    This happened to me yesterday and again today on F world... what's up with that? That is 2 days worth of daily quests I have now missed out on...
  17. LordZorbus

    Buying Planks wholesale at the trader?

    I don't seem to be able to buy planks at the wholesaler in the trader, is that normal? I was under the impression you should be able to buy Planks, Marble and Steel...